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Blue Moon - first chapter
Mockingjay | Published 1620 days ago

My First Flame...

I yawned, staring at the desk in front of me and absently tapping my pen on the pages of my English book. We were supposed to be writing an essay about a Shakespeare play - I was so bored I couldn´t even remember which one.

 "Storm? Have you finished already?" Our teacher Miss Almond was looking over at me with one eyebrow raised.
 "Um..." I glanced around; everyone had turned to look at me. I met the teacher´s gaze, trying to stare her down, but her dull grey eyes bore into me until I had to look away. "No."
 "Have you started?" The eyebrow raised a little higher.
 "No." My cheeks felt warm and I shrank down into my seat.
 "Why not?" She sighed and shook her head. "Always you, isn´t it, Storm?" She stood up and wrote my name on the whiteboard. "Perhaps I should keep you behind at the end of the lesson to catch up?"
 My palms suddenly felt hot where they rested on the desk. "I´ll do it at home," I offered. A few snickers broke out amongst the class. My cheeks and hands burned and I knew my face must be red.
 "You can do it after school today," Miss Almond argued, tucking a stray strand of dark blonde hair behind her ear. "I don´t want you cheating."
 I glared furiously at her back as she turned away. The bell rang, signaling the end of the lesson, and at the teacher´s dismissal everyone raced for the door, leaving me alone in the classroom with a woman I hated. I ducked down to grab a bottle of water from my bag and splashed some on my face and hands when the teacher wasn´t looking, attempting to cool them. Instead, they burned even hotter and I nearly cried out. I turned a hand over, inspecting it, but it wasn´t even red. Then, as I watched, a few tiny flames appeared on the palm. I screamed and leaped up from my chair, knocking it over. I pressed my hand to the floor until Miss strode over to me and pulled me roughly to my feet.
 "What are you doing?" she demanded. "You are supposed to be starting your essay."
 Trembling, I showed her my hand, which was still burning with the little flames in my palm. She stared at it for a moment, before letting go of me and backing away. I dropped to the ground, my eyes watering from the pain of my burning hands. I looked up at Miss Almond and saw fear in her eyes. She had her bag and was rummaging in it for something. She pulled out her phone and hurriedly dialed a number on it. "I´m getting help," she said. I didn´t understand what she meant until it was too late.
 Miss Almond edged around me to the door and fumbled with the handle to open it. She beckoned to me, still with the phone to her ear. I got up, wincing at the pain, and followed her out of the classroom, down the stairs and along the corridor until we were at the entrance doors. As we walked through the doors, the cold wind drying the tears that had escaped my eyes, a large silver van pulled up in the car park in front of us. Miss Almond grabbed my elbow and half-dragged me up up the slope to the van. The double back doors were already open when we reached it and a man climbed out. He took hold of my arm with a rock-hard grip so I thought my arm was going to break. Miss Almond watched me as she tucked the phone back in her bag, with something that looked like pity in her eyes.
 "What´s happening?" I asked, fear creeping into my voice as the man bundled me into the back of the van. "What are you doing? What´s happening to me?" My voice was becoming more and more high-pitched as I got more frightened. "Where are we going?"
 "It´s okay," Miss Almond said, in a voice which I guessed was meant to be reassuring, but failed. "You´re going somewhere where they can help you. You´ll be safer there."
 I saw the meaning behind the words. She meant “We’ll be safer with you there.”  She saw me as a threat. And it was true. As the silver doors slammed in my face and I slumped on the floor of the van, staring down at my burning hands with the flames still there, I realized that I was.
 A man climbed into the back of the van with a needle in his hand, and the last thought I had before he stabbed it into my arm was,
 What have I become?

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This is awesome! :D
Updated 1619 Days ago
I´ve just started mockingjay the book :))
Updated 1619 Days ago

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