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The Alpha and me - first chapter
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  Jordan´s POV
   I kicked the back of her calf and she fell, before I could land a punch, Liv put her hands up in surrender.
"I have better things to do then fight with a nerd, like get Jay to mate with me" said Liv. I ignored her comment and walked to my besties Alex and Skye. "Don´t listen to her, she is just mad she had to surrender to you first" said Alex. "Fight over, Jordan is the winner. Jordan  I will speak to you after class" said Mrs.Thompson (Our combat Skills Instructor).

    "I wonder what that was about" said Skye. Before I could reply class was Dismissed. I walk over to Mrs.Thompson and said "yes Mrs. Thompson? You wanted to speak to me???""I have talked to the alpha,I recommended you to be heir to alpha, Jay´s Bodyguard,the alpha agreed to let you be his bodyguard because of you´re outstanding work in combat class."" Thank you, Mrs. Thompson. But I didn´t really plan on being a bodyguard, being a bodyguard would give me no time to be with friends, family and even train more and more and even watch the notebook ´till I cry my eyes out"" Well you will be 1 of the 2 body guards. The 2nd bodyguard is an unmated male named Austin. He is skilled in the art of Gymnastics and Hand to Hand Combat. You 2 will get along nicely and change shifts as you may please, but the alpha was very determined, maybe as much as I was for you to become a bodyguard. Speaking of, to formally introduce yourself to heir Alpha Jay, in a hour and a half, you will meet him in his office."

 Warning:  All of this story belongs to me so DONT copy this story, this story belongs to me

                                                    Jay´s POV
"What the Heck, Father!!! I do not need another bodyguard when I have Ace and Autin, and even if I did it would certainly not be a female"
said Jay.
" First of all Ace has quit because of his newborn twins and Second her name is Jordan and has been in fact outstanding in her combat class. She has won every fight with hand to hand combat and is a professional at fighting in wolf form." said Alpha Ren Smith, Jay´s father
"I don´t care how certified and outstanding her combat skills are, can you just hire Jessie??? He is always around anyway and is my bestfriend." Said Jay.
"Because Jessie is training to become an enforcer for the pack, and Jordan has potential and more than enough training to at least know what to do with you." said Alpha Ren " Oh and by the way she will be over in your office in an hour and a half and be respectful" Said Alpha Ren.
I started thinking, this is more than just getting me a bodyguard, I think they´re trying to see if she is my mate.

Jordan´s POV

I called Alex and Skye over to my Pack house Apartment. We all sat on my long, comfy couch. "What did Mrs.Thompson want to ask you about" said Skye "She has just informed me i´m the heir to the throne´s 1 of 2 bodyguards and that I shall introduce myself in his office in a hour so I would like help with my outfit" replied Jordan. Alex and Skye looked like they were in shock, but quickly went and picked out this. I Did my hair and put no makeup on. My friends stared in awe at me and said "Damn,Looking good Jordan" said Alex,"Wow,you look beautiful, Jordan" said Skye. "Thanks, Guys. I´ve gotta go I will tell you what happens afterwards" says Jordan. "Bye" both Alex ans Skye say at the same time. Well this should be interesting I thought as I was walking down the hallway, to alpha Jay´s office.

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I was trying to use my own story but toootalllyy confused, how the hell do you add chapter two, it keeps taking me to chapter one again to re-write it
Updated 1586 Days ago
That´s pretty cool ! Please continue :)
Updated 1588 Days ago

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