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Ghost - first chapter
silvermist | Published 1004 days ago

Sycamore Academy was haunted.

It was obvious; I could hear Ivys ghost calling to me.

Best friends Ivy De Marchis and Azalea Carnation get a scholarship to Sycamore Academy. To be part of the school is an amazing opportunity. The school is like a normal one at first - lessons, dormitories... you name it.

But mysterious things keep happening here. And when Ivy suddenly dies, Azalea is determined to find out why. She couldnt have committed suicide. Ivy would have never dreamed of killing herself.

Table of contents:

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witch girl
plz continue the book!
Updated 908 Days ago
♦ Disney Channel Fan ♦
Amahzing! :)
Updated 987 Days ago
Okay! I´ll write it! :3
Updated 994 Days ago
Updated 1001 Days ago
I can´t wait to read it! please continue
Updated 1001 Days ago
Sounds good, continue.
Updated 1003 Days ago
~taking a break for 2 weeks cause of school~ dewaddles
I love it ;3
Updated 1003 Days ago
Ebony Barker
Updated 1004 Days ago

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