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Techno Spider - first chapter
𝔰𝔭𝔦𝔡𝔢𝔶 | Published 25 days ago

The names Techno. Techno Spider.

Although, my name is Miguel Santana.

Anyhow, I come from the universe 420, which is pretty much the more advanced universe than the universe you guys are in.

My universe is basically what you guys call the future, well its not really. Its more like the brains in my universe is more advanced than yours.

But, its a lot more fucked up. The government became corrupted by the technology scientists and engineers keep creating, and soon after, the government has been using it to install fear to the citizens.

But enough about my universe, lets talk about the person who youre reading about, me.

Im an engineering student, I go to Providence Technical Institute thats pretty much funded by the government so that it can produce engineers and scientists.

The only good thing about it is my best friend, MJ or for short, Mary Jane. Were pretty close, and plus shes the only person who knows that Im Techno Spider and pretty chill about it, if I told someone I was Techno Spider, Id be going to jail by now. Since, well, Im wanted. But, Im not going to tell you why, yet.

Anyway, MJ and I at times would investigate the missing case of Peter Parker. He went to our school, and no one knows where he is or what happened to him. All that everyone knows is that he was walking somewhere and soon after vanished into thin air, well in a surveillance camera people have seen on the internet.

Now, you guys may be wondering when am I going to get to my backstory? Well, I will. After this chapter is over.

So, see ya punks, Im off.

-Toms Handwriting

Table of contents:

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