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Disney Princess Avengers Infinity War - first chapter
gxfan537 | Published 80 days ago

Somewhere in space, a very large spaceship was attacking the smaller spaceship as an Asgardian on the microphone said "This is the Asgardian refugee vessel statesman! We are under assult! I repeat, we are under assult! The engines are dead, and lift support is failing! Requesting aid from any vessel within range! We are twenty-two jump points out of Asgard! Our crew is made up of Asgardian families, we have very few soldiers here! This is not a warcraft! I repeat, this is not a warcraft!" Inside the smaller spaceship, Ansem the wise was gravely injured while the Asgardians had been killed. A young man with spikey red hair, green eyes, wearing a black suit with a hoodie on it named Axel walked by as Ansem the wise tried to reach for him, but he was too weak to do so. "Hear me, and rejoice!" Axel said. " You have had the privilege of being saved by the great titan. You may think this is suffering. No. It is salvation. Universal scales tip toward balance of your sacrifice. Then, a young man with silver-blue hair, blue eyes, wearing a black suit with a hoodie named Zexion stabbed an Asgardian with his keyblade, Axel said "Smile for even in death, you have become children of Maleficent."

Mulan just stood there while trying her best to remain calm about the situation as a young woman with blond hair, sea green eyes, wearing a black suit with a hoodie named Larxene, and a young man with blue hair, orange eyes, and x-shaped scar on his face, wearing a black suit named Saix stabbed a few Asgardians with their keyblades. She looked at Maleficent who was looking out the window. The mistress of all evil then looked down at a beaten Aurora as she said "I know what it´s like to lose. To feel so desperately that you´re right, yet to fail nonetheless." She grabbed Aurora by the neck of her armor as feebly struggled. "It´s frightening." Maleficent said. "Turns your legs to jelly. I ask you to what end? Dread it. Run from it. Destiny arrives all the same. And now, it´s here, Or should I say...I am." She smirked as she held up her hand to reveal the Infinity Gauntlet that already held the power stone. Aurora who was being held by Maleficent by the head coughed as a droplet of blood ran down the left corner of her mouth, and said "You talk too much."

Maleficent looked at Mulan as she said "The Tesseract, or your sister´s head. I assume you have a preference." Axel, Larxene, Zexion, and Saix held out their weapons at Mulan who said "Oh, I do. Kill away." Maleficent then pressed the Infinity Gauntlet to Aurora´s head, and the power stone glowed brightly as she screamed in horrible pain. Mulan started to lose her cool as she watched her sister suffer. Finally, she cracked as she yelled out "ALRIGHT STOP!" Maleficent pulled the Infinity Gauntlet away, and as Aurora coughed, she said "We don´t have the Tesseract. It was destroyed on Asgard." Mulan frowned as she lifted her right hand in the air, and the Tesseract appeared in her palm. "You really are the worst sister." Aurora said as she glared at her sister. As Mulan held out the Tesseract to Maleficent, she looked down at Aurora, and said "I assure you, sister, the sun will shine on us again." "Your optimism is misplaced, Asgardian." Maleficent said with a sneer. "Well, for one thing, I´m not Asgardian." Mulan said. "And for another...we have a Snow-Hulk."

As the Snow-Hulk charged at Maleficent, Mulan dove for Aurora, pulling them out of the way, and dropping the Tesseract in the process. The Snow-Hulk pummeled Maleficent, forcing her backwards, and shoving her into the wall of the ship. Saix tried to interfere, but Axel stopped him as he said "Let her have her fun." The Snow-Hulk grabbed Maleficent, but then, she pried her hands away as he looked on in surprise, and in terror. She tried to fight back, but Maleficent overpowered her as she delivered hard blows, and took her down. She then picked her up, and slammed her into the deck, defeating her instantly. Aurora slammed a metal bar across Maleficent´s back, but it didn´t do any good, and she kicked her across the deck, and Axel used the power of his keyblade to bound her in metal debris to keep her from interfering. Summoning the last of his strength, Ansem the wise held out his hand towards the Snow-Hulk as he said "Allfathers...let the dark magic flow through me one last time." In a flash, the bifrost carried the Snow-Hulk away from the ship as the Organization, and Maleficent looked on in shock. Ansem the wise and Aurora looked at each other in the eye as Maleficent walked up to him, and said "That was a mistake." She then borrowed Zexion´s keyblade, and stabbed Ansem the wise in the chest.

"NO!" Aurora cried out as Maleficent twisted the keyblade into the wound, killing Ansem the wise instantly. Aurora glared at Maleficent as she said "You´re going to die for that!" Axel shushed her as he used his keyblade shut her mouth with a piece of metal. He then took the Tesseract, and kelt before Maleficent as he offered it to her, and said "My humble personage bows before your grandeur. No other being has ever had the might, nay the nobility, to wield not one, but two infinity stones. The universe lies within your grasp." Maleficent then crushed the Tesseract, revealing the space stone inside. She placed it on the gauntlet, and it momentarily rocked by the surge of energy that pulsed as the stone seated in its setting. "There are two more stones on Earth." Maleficent said. "Find them, my children, and bring them to me on Titan."  The Organization then knelt down before Maleficent as Larxene said "Mother, we will not fail you." Mulan emerged from behind them as she said "If I might interject...if you´re going to Earth, you might want a guide. I do have a bit of experience in that arena." "If you consider failure expereince." Maleficent said.

"I consider experience, experience." Mulan said. She then looked at Aurora, and looked back at Maleficent as she knelt slightly down, and a dagger appeared in her hand as Aurora squinted a little. "Almighty, Maleficent, I...Mulan...Princess of Asgard...Stefanson...The rightful queen of Jotunheim...goddess of hereby pledge to you, my undying fidelity." In a flash, she tried to stab Maleficent, but the power of the space stone held her in her place before the dagger could reach her. She looked down at the terrified goddess of mischief as she said "Undying? You should choose your words more carefully. She then sneered sinisterly as she said "You poor simple fool. Thinking you could defeat me. ME! The mistress of all evil!" She twisted the dagger out of Mulan´s hand, and started to choke her with the Infinity Gauntlet as she lifted her to her eye level. She struggled against her iron grip with all her might up to no avail as Aurora looked on in horror. With her last dying breath, Mulan said "You...will never be...a goddess." Maleficent just smirked as she crushed Mulan´s neck, killing her instantly. Aurora let out a muffled cry as tears ran down her face. Maleficent then walked over to Aurora, and dropped Mulan´s body in front of her as she said "Well, here´s your precious princess! No resurrections this time."

The mistress of all evil then cackled sinisterly as she raised the gauntlet, and used the power of the power stone to send violet power fire through the remains of the ship, and used the space stone to teleport away with the Organization. Once Aurora was released from her bonds, she crawled over to Mulan´s lifeless body, and she began to shed tears for everything that she lost as she laid her head on her sister´s chest, and sorrowfully muttered "No...Mulan." Then, ship exploded as the bifrost contnued its journey to Earth while carrying the Snow-Hulk. In the Sanctum Sanctorum in New York City, Doctor Megara Strange who was dressed in her casual purple dress, and purple high heels, and her friend, Phil who was dressed in his usual attire were heading for the deli store as Megara said "Seriously? You don´t have any money?" "Attachment to the material is detachment from the spiritual." Phil said. Megara rolled her eyes as she said "I´ll tell the guys at the deli. Maybe they´ll make you a metaphysical ham on rye." Phil dug into his pockets as he said "Oh, wait, wait, wait. I think I have two hundred." "Dollars?" Megara asked. "Rupees." Phil said. "Which is?" Megara asked. "Uh, buck and a half." Phil said. "What do you want?" Megara asked. "I wouldn´t say no to a tuna melt." Phil said. Suddenly, the bifrost crashed through the roof, and into the staircase as Phil and Megara screamed in surprise. They looked down in the hole in the staircase to see Snow-Hulk turning into Dr. Snow White as Megara´s Cloak of Levitation was placed on her shoulders, and her mage attire appeared. As Phil put up his magic shields in defense, Snow White weakly said "Maleficent is coming. She´s coming." Megara and Phil shared a look with each other. Then, Megara looked down on Snow White as she said "Who?"

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