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5 Ways to Boost Your Immune System - first chapter
cyroaus | Published 135 days ago

The immune system does the job of protecting you from diseases. It fights off the germs and bacteria that are constantly invading the body. However, sometimes they get the upper hand and manage to infiltrate the protection provided by the immune system. There are ways through which you can make your immune system stronger. The following are five ways that can help in boosting your immune system. 

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Like all the other systems of the body, the immune system relies on the nutrients that you intake via food. The nutrients that are needed by the immune system are vitamins. A healthy and balanced diet should contain vitamins of all types. You can get these vitamins by including vegetables and fruits in your diet.

Vitamin D is of critical importance for boosting the immune system. The sun is the best source for getting your daily dose of vitamin D. However, it can be hard for you to get enough sunlight in winter. Salmon and eggs can prove to be a good replacement source of vitamin D. Although you can get vitamins from supplements, it is best to get them from natural sources. It is also a good idea to cut down on sweet and processed foods.  

Sleep and Stress Levels

Maintaining a balanced sleep schedule is also a good way to boost your immunity. A good nights sleep can help the body perform necessary repairs and keep the cortisol levels in check. This, in turn, will lower stress and ensure that your body is running at 100%. 

Regular Exercise

Exercise is important for a healthy lifestyle and can boost your immune system too. However, if you are feeling sick then high-intensity training wont do you any good. In such instances, going for a walk and get some fresh air might just do the trick. You can also try yoga if it is too cold outside to go for a walk.


Antioxidants fight off the free radicals which are responsible for propagating diseases. In addition to this, they can help you feel rejuvenated as well and can aid in your recovery. Kale, dark chocolate and blueberries are some of the foods that are rich in antioxidants. In winters, chamomile and green tea can prove to be an ideal remedy which can be taken with a little addition of raw honey. 

Royal Refresh

Boosting immunity is hard work. It requires a careful addition of different nutrients in your diet and making lifestyles changes. The Royal Refresh is a deluxe IV treatment offered by Cryo AU which can revitalize the immune system in a simple and easy manner. It is composed of a mixture of electrolytes, minerals, antioxidants and vitamins along with a high dose of glutathione. Royal Refresh delivers up to 2 litres of this mixture directly to your bloodstream, offering detoxification, wellness and a significant boost to your immune system. It can help you recover from illness and instantly make you feel 100%.

Find more ways to boost your immune system.

Do you want to boost your immune system and feel refreshed? Learn more about all the benefits of Royal Refresh and contact us to book a session today.

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