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Pregnancy checklist for expectant mothers - first chapter
babyfindings | Published 20 days ago

For many women, getting pregnant is an exciting time especially if its happening for the first time. Some women get frightened after the initial excitement as they start to worry about what to expect and how to manage the pregnancy. As a matter of fact pregnancy is not a disease and should not scare anyone. To help women make the most of the period, weve put together a checklist for women to use as a guide. Apart from this, you can get help from online websites that specially pay attention towards Stress During Pregnancy during your trimesters. With the help of these websites, you can stay away from unnecessary stress and keep your pregnancy perfect


Some things to do before baby arrives

First trimester

  • It is important to start taking prenatal multivitamins like folic acid long before you get pregnant. If you didnt start early enough, its never too late to start immediately you discover you are pregnant. If you are pregnant then you should be aware about some Effects Of Breastfeeding, as when the time will come you have to be ready for the breastfeeding.

  • Immediately you discover you are pregnant, get your doctor informed. Some will ask you to come in immediately while others will ask you to wait till later.

  • By the eighth week, you will have to go in for ultrasound scan to determine if you are really pregnant and the possible due date.

  • It is also important to start looking at the different insurance covers available for baby by the eighth month.

  • If youre a working mum, get your human resources department informed.

  • Today you can see that there is lots of pollution and Pollution During Pregnancy is much damaging. You should keep your surroundings clean. You have to find a place where you can inhale fresh air.

Second trimester

  • Starting making all the necessary amendments in your home in anticipation of babys arrival. It is really very important for the health of your baby.

  • Get involved in exercises for pregnant women like yoga. Also start shopping for maternity clothes.

  • Ask your doctor to test for any abnormalities that babies may have

  • By the sixteenth week, tell your employer about the pregnancy if you havent done so yet.

  • Do a detailed ultrasound if you please to determine the sex of baby.

Third trimester

  • Mums wholl be returning to work should start looking for possible child care services.

  • Start shopping for baby items and also start preparing nursery.

  • If you can, attend child birth classes.

  • Shop for items that youll need in hospitals.

  • Organize baby shower at least two months before due date to give you time to shop for items that you didnt receive.

  • By the end of this trimester, cook enough food and store in freezer

  • Check different pediatricians and choose the one that you like.

  • Pack your bags and get ready to get into hospital.

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