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The Captain´s (Great) Granddaughter. - first chapter
Thotnos | Published 137 days ago

(Takes place before Age of Ultron, all of the Avengers have moved into the Avengers Tower. This story takes place in the fall of 2014. Yes, Aria is based off of Chat Noir from Miraculous Ladybug)


Aria Miller hasn´t had the best life. Born January 5, 1999, to a poor family, she had to grow up fast. She lived in a small house with her father, who tried his best to take care of her and her five little cousins that lived there (because their parents abandoned them and fled the country). Her mother was always ill, and the medical bills were so high that her father just couldn´t afford to bring her to the doctor, so he relied on Aria to take care of her and her cousins. Her father was only home on weekends, spending hours at his three jobs to provide for everyone.

All throughout her life Aria would take small neighborhood jobs so she could help her father, while also looking after her cousins. They started to see her as a mother figure.

But good things never last. During the battle of New York, her cousins were at school, and they all died when the chitari bought the building to the ground. Maria was devastated, and never recovered, even though it has been two years since the incident. Aria tried to do everything she could, going through every shortcut she could to help her parents. But her father always told her:

"There´s no shortcut to success."

That was and still is her life motto.

After her cousins died, Aria decided to become New York´s vigilante. She was a mutant, just like her father was. She was just like a cat. She had an excellent sense of smell, sound, and vision. She was well balanced, had cat ears and a tail that she could make disappear and appear at will. She was flexible and stealthy, and always seemed to land on her feet. And lastly, she could grow claws, which were basically longer and pointier versions of her fingernails, but they could be lethal if she wanted them to be.

Aria became New York´s "Cat Noir." Soon, she started a YouTube channel where she would put a small, one inch webcam on her mask and recorded her patrol, and then uploading it onto youtube.

Her mother died a month later, natural causes. Aria and her father just broke. Aria´s father would always be at work, trying to pay off the hospital bills. He was so desperate that even though they were in debt, he took her mother to the hospital before she died. They couldn´t even afford a proper funeral, so they buried her in the beautiful garden behind their house, along with Aria´s cousins. Aria spent weeks making a custom tombstone, just like he did with her cousins. Aria started to skip school and her grades dropped. But her father told her those five words again:

"There´s no shortcut to success."

And she was motivated. She got her grades back up, but she still didn´t tell her father about her nightly Cat Noir activities.

Aria was still as close to her father as she had been before, if not closer.

But he died two weeks ago. Aria finally broke, she felt like everyone she was around died. She was a burden, she didn´t realize how she was the light of everyone´s life. Aria was put into an orphanage while they tried to look for any more living relatives of hers. Aria was barely there, she spent most her time as Cat Noir, thats what kept her going. She thought she would rot in that orphanage, who wants a broken fifteen year old anyway?

Steve Rogers, thats who.

Table of contents:

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