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A wise man once said that the share market is like a goldmine waiting to be explored. Every day this goldmine opens its gates to the brave-hearts who go in empty handed and return with a wheelbarrow full of gold if they know where to look for it. Many returned disappointed and many perished into the darkness. This is exactly what used to happen a couple of decades back where there was no level playing field. The successful had a strong edge in comparison to the commons, either through their knowledge and experience or through the resources and tools that they had at their discretion.


The implementation of share market softwares for the purpose of decision making during trading and investing is what brought about some parity in the capital markets. The modern-day share market software is loaded with tools and features that aims at acting as a decision support system for a trader or investor. They offer all sorts of information that one may need to make an informed financial decision. These sophisticated softwares not only offer buy-sell advices based to statistical data but also help the users in optimal money management. The emergence of share market software has ensured that every individual gets the same information and resources and no party has any undue advantage over the other. Owing to these systems, a retail investor is now empowered enough to take investment decisions as boldly as any other experienced participant.

Today, every share market software is equipped with a highly interactive chart, custom screeners, investment guidance system, money management tools and much more. The next generation share market softwares have now started changing the face of trading by incorporating artificial intelligence and behavioral analysis as their primordial feature, making the lives of traders and investors easier than what could be possible imagined.

Trader-Guide is one such software that tries to offer the aforementioned features. Every trader should look into their web-based Share Market Software @ to get the preferred results.

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