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Guardians of the Galaxy: Spiderman - first chapter
Thotnos | Published 201 days ago



Name: Peter Parker





Age: 15

DOB: April 3, 1999

Hometown: Queens, New York

Secrets: Scared of needles, has nightmares about Halfworld sometimes


Hair Color: Brown

Eye Color: Brown

Height: 5 8"

Weight: 141 lbs

Bounty Hunting Fashion: black jeans, a black shirt with a small red spider logo on the top right, a red leather jacket with a big black spider logo on the back, web shooters, iron spider suit if necessary

Spiderman Suit: Iron Spider suit

Piercing/Tattoos: Halfworld (the lab) branding on the back of his neck (barcode)

Scars/Birthmarks: Bullet wound scar on arm from escaping the lab, large knife wound scar on thigh from bounty hunting accident, whip lashes on back


Known Languages: English, Groot

Temperament: Patient

Perception: Optimist



Mary Parker - DEAD
Richard Parker - DEAD

May Parker - DEAD

Ben Parker - DEAD

Friends: Rocket Raccoon, Groot, Peter Quill (later), Drax (later), Gamora (later)

Significant Other: None



Peter Parkers whole family died at a young age. One day, when he was ten he was abducted by aliens along with a raccoon he named Rocket. They were experimented on and Peter got some mutations. He was now able to stick to things like a spider, had enhanced healing, strength, and senses. Soon, Rocket could actually speak. Two years later, when Peter was 12, he and Rocket escaped the lab with a newfound tree friend, Groot. He still has nightmares sometimes about his experience but doesnt remember much about his stay at the lab. He believes that his brain blocked out a lot of those memories as a coping mechanism.

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