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8 Places in Dubai Offering Free Birthday Treats - first chapter
abdulamex | Published 173 days ago

Dubai´s hospitality is known as skyscrapers there. You will welcome people and find co-workers. Thanks to Muslim culture and values that keep kindness and respect for others alive. Your trip to Dubai is full of entertainment, but if you are planning to celebrate your birthday here, it will be fun.

There are some restaurants and cafes offering birthday and free beer for your birthday. The food is excellent in Dubai, and it´s even wonderful when it´s free. So it´s a good idea to celebrate your birthday in Dubai with options like a cruise festival and celebrations in the Dubai Aquarium. It will be your most enjoyable birthday party.

You may need to show them your ID; some sites can sign up or online while others will offer you free items when you eat with enough people who pay for themselves. Here we have placed in Dubai, where you can eat free food on your birthday.

Sophie says:

Waking up to birthday wishes is the best part of your day. What´s even better is free of good value breakfast. We tell you where to go. Sophie is a favorite neighborhood restaurant in Dubai. Located in Barsha Heights, Sophies is a perfect start to your birthday. You can quickly reach here by car rental in Dubai.

You will need to show your ID to the staff at Sophie, and you will be served with a hot drink with a breakfast of your choice. The best part is that this offer has unlimited validity, even if you have birthdays or months away, you are in the entertainment. 

Wild Wadi:

This water park offers free rides for birthday guests, but only when accompanied by a few other guests who buy their entire ticket. However, this offer is subject to availability. You can also combine this offer with Ladies Night or UAE residents.

AB´s absolute BBQ is:

Deira and Sheikh Zayed Road ABs absolute BBQs are located on Dubai´s media bus and are accessible by metro and an easy way to rent a rental service in Dubai. They offer you free dinner or dinner or lunch on your birthday. Whatever you plan to choose to be sure to anticipate them for advance information. Since it is a busy restaurant, it often has long waiting lists.


It´s your birthday, and you´re a Japanese food lover? Ramusake offers some good Japanese food and free chocolate fondant for the birthday party decorated with free sparklers.

Aquaventure Waterpark:

To spend a free day on this water park, register your birthday at the aquarium. You will need to use this offer during your birthday so be prepared and schedule in advance for this. 

Tribeca Kitchen and Bar:

Appearing here with five friends gives you a free three-course meal if it´s your birthday. Also, your table will be served with a free bottle of bubbly.

Serendipity 3:

Located on the city trip 3. Al Wasl serendipity 3 offers a free frozen hot chocolate for birthday guests. To use this, you must sign up for their Amber reward program.

Bagatelle Dubai:

This place determines how to party well. When a birthday party arrives, they are served with a free surprising dessert with free sparklers. It is located on Fair Mount Dubai, Sheikh Zayed Road.

So on your trip to Dubai, if it´s your birthday and you know where you´re heading. Right?

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