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Myros regret - first chapter
flightbee | Published 25 days ago

Everyone is gone. Myro stands up with shaking legs and turns his head. He cant hear them anymore. Their collective voices have been drowned out with the breeze,  headed in another direction entirely. 

Myro feels tears welling up in his eyes, stinging his face in the freezing air. Clouds of breath billow from his snout and he starts to shiver when the little warmth he had gathered fades away. The realization that his family has left him creeps up on him, replacing the warmth, and he falls back onto the pile of dry leaves he was previously sleeping on in defeat. The small dog feels vulnerable and cries softly wondering when they will return to get him and continue walking to their new home, happily making their way towards a beautiful sunset to some far off joyous place. 

 The blindingly golden orange sunset floods onto the leafbare trees. The only sound that can be heard is the rustling of the dry branches, crickets, and perhaps a distant owl.  The air is cold and lonely when reality starts to set in. The chirping of night insects fill his ears until Myro gets up, piling leaves under a tree. He stuffs a fair amount of dead foliage into a dip in the twisted roots, and hides underneath them attempting to shelter himself from the chilly night air. The sky gets darker and darker, and the blanket of leaves is itchy, keeping him up as he wonders about the events of today.

He could have sworn they were just here an hour or two ago, settling down on a patch of leaves to rest before continuing in their journey to a new home in another city. There isnt a sign of civilization around for miles in the countryside. 

A few weeks pass. Myro has set up camp in an abandoned rabbits burrow that he is just big enough to fit into. Myro has somewhat adjusted to living alone, and has been hunting for food rather than eating fruit or bugs like back home.  At first the thought of killing another sentient animal for food disturbed him, as the only thing keeping him from realizing it had a life and family was a language barrier. He got over it soon, as it had been quite awhile since he has last eaten and there is no other options when it is almost winter. 

There is a gutted rabbit sitting a few paces away from Myros makeshift grass nest. He cringes away from it for a moment, covering his face with his paws. How could he have eaten this person? The hound feels extra guilty when he recalls how much the rabbit had struggled, and in the heat of the moment Myro had  panicked and accidentally twisted the animals neck the wrong way, ending its life after putting up such a fight. He didnt mean to maul it like that but Myro was just so hungry.

One morning, when Myro emerges from his tunnel, a black object beside a pile of leaves catches his eye. The morning dew coats his legs as he makes his way over to it, observing that upon further inspection, it is a black leather collar with a pendant on its side. The pendant is a brilliant heart shaped magenta gemstone framed with pure silver, and is crafted meticulously. Water is coating the surface, catching the sunrise in a way that makes the violet stone shine spectacularly. It almost looks like its begging to be worn by him. Myro has been completely alone for awhile now, so he briefly wonders who could have left it. It definitely hadnt been there before. When he inhales the fresh morning air, he finds that if there had been anyone here, their smell was washed away with the nights rainfall. 

Myro is quick to accept that its the universes way of apologizing for dealing him such a bad hand and straps the collar on quickly. Maybe its enchanted. Maybe its cursed.  A few moments after thinking that thought, the dog turns around, and notices something he didnt see before: a corner of dark yellow fabric peeking out from under more leaves.  his father had brought a blanket on the trip. However, it used to be light yellow and was likely rained on. 

Myro grips the wet fabric in his teeth and drags it out from under the pile of soggy leaves. He shakes it out as hard as he can, spraying as much leaves and water on the ground as he can get out of it. Still damp. 

Myro finds a low tree branch on an oak tree and jumps up, hooking the cloth onto the branch to dry out in the morning sun. 

After laying the blanket out to dry, the hound shakes his dark pink mane out to get bits of dried leaves and water out of it and walks away to get food for the day. 

Authors note: the cover of the book definitely isnt final. Its some random old drawing that I thought somewhat fit the story. Myro is the tall one with curly pink hair, by the way. (I think its also important to specify that the cover is symbolic or some crap, he doesnt have a twin.) so anyway, the next chapter wont be as boring and I will try to update as much as possible. Thanks for reading my story, I am writing noob. 

Table of contents:

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