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DavidK | Published 155 days ago

7 signs that you are in the wrong degree course.

Sometimes you doubt your studies. At the latest, when the annoying subjects take over, one sees little sense in what one actually does and tortures itself from semester to semester. Then one asks oneself the question, if one has perhaps chosen the wrong study.

But how do I know if it really is like this? It may well be that I just have a bad phase, through which I have to go through. Or do study courses simply mean that they are strenuous and uninteresting?

Often people are not sure if they chose the wrong program or not.

Thats why I have 7 clear points here that indicate that youre in the wrong curriculum.

7 signs for the wrong degree course

1. You torture yourself through the lectures

When every lecture becomes a torment. If you are neither interested in the content nor motivating a goal, then that is a clear indication that you are in the wrong degree course.

I speak from experience. Even with me it was the case that few of the lectures interested me and that at some point I could no longer muster the motivation to record the content.

There are always certain lectures that interest you less, but that belong to the study. This can still be accepted if the majority of the study suits.

However, if the uninteresting, seemingly meaningless subjects outweigh, then you may be in the wrong degree course.

2. You see little sense in the study content

Im sitting in the lecture. Is actually quite interesting, but what brings me all this? What is the meaning of the whole?

Thank God I got a glimpse into the world of work when I studied dual. I lacked the meaningfulness of the tasks that I had to fulfill.

By the sense in what you do you get motivation. But if this is missing, then you may be dragging yourself to work after some time, because you do not know what you are actually doing. - For money, of course. But should that be the only motivation?

Thats not enough for me. I expect a little more fulfillment in what I do all my life.

3. You have no desire to deal with the learning content

Everyone who has ever studied knows it. The next housework is on. Even with the choice of topics, I have problems, because I really nothing really interested. Finally found a topic for which I am more, rather less enthusiastic and now I should write 20 pages about it - a pain.

Next up are the exams. With great difficulty, in the last week before the exams, the most important things are memorized and then repressed as quickly as possible.

Where is the meaning? I do not see any.

I just have the experience that it can be fun to deal with the study content because I am interested and I am curious to learn more about it.

That is also possible!

4. You do not see any perspective

The study is fine, but what happens next? What do I do with it?

If your studies qualify you for a profession that does not identify you at all, then you are either in the wrong degree course or you are simply interested in the content and take the study as a good experience. Without being active in the relevant occupational field.

However, if you do not see a career perspective that appeals to you, or youre still interested in studying, then thats a clear indication that youre in the wrong curriculum.

5. You have your talents and abilities in other areas

I have a computer science degree, although I tend to see my talents and abilities in more creative areas. Why? Because I did not think too much or the wrong ones. I did not know what was really important to me.

If you are in a study that does not fit your interests, skills, or talents, then that is, I think, wasted potential.

If you choose to study, and thus a career field in which you have special talents, then you can do so much more than if you do something that does not suit you, just because supposedly a good salary is waiting. Besides, you will probably be happier and happier.

6. The other students are much more motivated

Do you know that, when you sit in the lecture and can not convince yourself to record and write down the essential content? There are others who are seemingly highly motivated to absorb everything that is said. They are enthusiastic and interested in the matter.

Why can not I feel that way, you think. Very easily. All people have different interests and values. For some, it may be very important to just make a lot of money. So he has a great motivation to do what is necessary. For the other, it is much more important to deal with topics that interest him. Thats why hes in a degree program that interests him. His motivation comes from the interest and the fire for the content.

And what about you?

Maybe you are in the wrong degree course?

7. You know something that would make you much more fun

Why am I actually sitting in this study program when other things are much more fun? If I have a much greater interest in other topics where I see a real meaning?

There are other courses of study that interest me much more. In which I could feel like those who are always highly motivated sitting in the front rows and absorb the contents formally. They immediately know what they want to write about their homework and feel the need to research the relevant content.

That sounds a bit over the top, right?

It does not have to be that extreme. But if you know a course that would kindle a bigger fire in you than the current one, what else is there to think about?

Are you in the wrong degree course?

How about you? Can you raise the necessary motivation for your studies? Are you interested in the content and do you see any meaning in it? Can you imagine working in the desired occupational field?

Or do you doubt that you are in the right degree?

It is of course also always to weigh what you want to take for what. If I feel its important to earn well, then there are supposedly relatively safe ways that may be associated with a caustic course of study and a job that is not fun. But if the value of "financial security" is so important, then maybe you have to do that.

However, this does not mean that you can not achieve financial security and freedom in another, much more interesting way. On the contrary. I believe it might even be easier and more fun in any case.

What do you think of the topic? Have you decided on the right path?

Write a comment about your opinion or experiences.

But what now?

Did you notice that you actually chose the wrong degree program?

Then, of course, the question arises, how do you handle it now?

Is it better to stop studying or do I have to go through this now?

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