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My Little Prince Of Egypt - first chapter
gxfan537 | Published 134 days ago


It was a bright and sunny day in the land of Equestria, and in the hot desert sands of Saddle Arabia, the ponies were struggling to work on the pyramids while the saddle arabian pony guards beated them with whips to make them work faster. The enslaved ponies were hoping and praying that pony god would come, and deliver them out of slavery. Just then, the ruler of Saddle Arabia named Prince Hisan feared that an alarming of increasing slave ponies could lead to rebellion, so he ordered the saddle arabian pony guards to go into the Saddle Arabian village, and kill off the newborn foals. As they went into the village, and started killing off the newborn baby foals much to the dismay and heartbreak of their parents, A unicorn named Twilight Velvet looked at the window with her little colt named Shining Armor, and her little filly named Twilight Sparkle. Twilight Velvets heart filled with dread and fear as she looked down at the baby unicorn colt with a brilliant amber coat, a vivid crimson mane with brilliant yellow streaks on it, and moderate cyan eyes she was holding onto, and said "My son, I have nothing I can give, but this chance you may live. I pray well meet again if he will deliver us."

Seeing that the coast was clear, they quickly, and quietly made their way to the river near their village while avoiding the saddle arabian pony guards. Once they safely made it to the shore near the river, Twilight Velvet sang a lullaby to her newborn son as Twilight Sparkle gave the basket she was carrying with her magic to her mother. As she finished singing the song, Twilight Velvet placed the baby foal in the basket, kissed his forehead, and placed the lid on the blanket. She then lifted the basket with her magic as she walked into the river, and gently placed the basket on the water. As the basket started to drift away, she said "River, oh river, flow gently for me. Such precious cargo you bear. Do you know somehere he can be free?" As she shedded tears, she said "River, please deliver him there." Then, Twilight Sparkle slipped from her mother, and her brother as she followed the basket. She feared for her baby brothers safety as the basket narrowly dodged the crocodile, and two hippos, and a pony catching some fish in a small boat, and two large boats rowing by. The basket then floating safely down the river, and towards the palace.

In the oasis backyard inside the palace, Prince Hisans wife named Somnambula was playing with her unicorn son named Starbeam Glamour while her two pony servants named Lyra Heartstrings and Bon Bon watched. Just then, the basket floated up to Somnambula who gasped in shock and awe. She gently put Starbeam Glamour on the small steps while Twilight Sparkle took a peek behind the transparent curtain as she hid from sight. She gasped quietly as Somnambula took the basket, and removed the lid.  When she saw the baby foal inside the basket, she gasped, and smiled. The baby foal woke up from his sleep, and cooed happily at her as she gently picked him up. Twilight Sparkle smiled as she quietly said "Brother, youre safe now. And safe is where youll stay for I have a prayer just for you. Grow baby brother, and come back someday. Come, and deliver us to freedom." She then quietly made her way back home as Somnambula kissed the baby foals forhead, and went out of the water. She looked at Lyra Heartstrings and Bon Bon as they bowed to her. Starbeam Glamour followed his mother as he said "Mama." As they headed for the throne room to show Prince Hisan the baby foal, Somnambula said "Come, Starbeam Glamour. We shall show Prince Hisan your new baby brother...Sunset Glare."

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