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Netgear Router Technical Support - first chapter
routers247 | Published 200 days ago

How to change bandwidth channel on my Netgear Router? 

 Netgear is a very well renowned name when it comes to manufacturing of different electronic gadgets based on networking. Netgear produces all kinds of wired & wireless routers, modems, wifi range extenders and many more. In the last decade or so, router technology has seen major leaps in terms of advancement in technology and affordability. These advancements made the routers more compact and powerful. At the same time, many industries and new manufacturers came into the business making the cost of the device quite low thus readily available for the masses. Most of the daily needs and requirements are turning towards an online platform, so having a router at home is a must. People use these routers to get access to high-speed internet connectivity and also to share the same with multiple other devices. Routers have become a significant part of every household and even an hour without the internet connection can drive many to frustration. Routers are a complex machine with a different set of hardware and software component put together. So some complications are bound to occur over the course of use. We at Netgear Router Support Number receives numerous queries and complaints from different users on a daily basis. With the help of our learned team of router engineers, we provide complete technical assistance as well as software solutions. However, one common issue faced by the majority of the users is signal congestion due to which your router might drops connections too often. In this article, I will discuss how you can change your bandwidth channel to resolve the issue. SO make sure to follow the steps mentioned in the next section carefully. You can reach our technical team at any time for impeccable and unparalleled online technical assistance. Steps to change the bandwidth channel on Netgear Router: Your router has two bandwidth frequency set one is 2.4 GHz one which is also the default one and the other is 5.0 GHz. While configuring your router for the first time the normal frequency is set to 2.4 GHz. Most of the home appliances like a cordless phone, a TV remote or even a microwave, all work at the same frequency rate of 2.4 GHz. This might cause disturbance and even interference in the signal. You can change the channel to 5.0 GHz from the router settings, I will discuss the steps involved below, so make sure to follow them correctly. Connect your PC to your router either via a wired ethernet connection or wirelessly over the wifi. Wait for a couple of minutes to let the connection between the two devices get established. Once the connection is set, open your web browser and enter the default gateway address of Netgear router into the URL field. You can also use your local IP address for the same. Default Gateway: or You will be redirected to the login page of your Netgear router settings, enter the username and Password as provided by your ISP. In case your ISP did not provide you with any such credentials, contact them and ask for it. Once you are logged into the routers settings in your Netgear router, you will notice a side menu. Select WAN/Internet settings from the list. You will be redirected to a new Window for your WAN settings. On the main window, you will notice, ENcryption type, Passkey, and the bandwidth channel. Click on the bandwidth channel link and then select 5.0Ghz as your preferred channel and then save the settings. Also, make sure and confirm from your ISP whether the services for 5.0 GHz network are available, as many ISP does not provide the option for 5.0Ghz bandwidth channel. Also, do not keep the normal household items like cordless phones, TV remote in the same vicinity as your router. Now you have successfully changed the bandwidth channel for your Netgear router. These are a few steps involved in changing the bandwidth channel for the Netgear router. Hopefully, these helped you in resolving the issues you were facing earlier. In case you have any doubts regarding the steps mentioned above or if your problem still prevails, then feel free to give us a call at our toll-free Netgear Router Support Number. We are an online technical service provider with over half a decade worth of experience in resolving the issues of worried customers at hand. We possess some of the quality technicians who understand the complete inside out of a router machine and thus capable of resolving any degree of uncertainty with your routers. So why look around for a technician without any guarantee of a fruitful solution, when you can avail the services of some of the finest experienced router engineers. Our services come at very affordable prices and available for 24*7 round the clock.

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