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Lorekeepers Logs: Reborn Gods of Mianite - first chapter
Wowgurl13 | Published 142 days ago

(POV Lorekeeper)

I run through the forest easily, dodging low branches, and jumping over large roots with skill. There is a small explosion behind me and something strikes the tree next to me with enough impact that it sends splinters at me and I barely cover my face in time, ‘Stupid guns!’ I strafe around another tree as another gunshot rings out through the quiet forest. I quickly rush towards the large, old oak moving with little effort through the invisible door. I turn around and make the side of the tree solid, so no one can enter after me. I take a quick breath before I hear an explosion again, and an impact where the now solid barrier is, and I stumble to the elevator and will myself up.

               I hear the pursuers yell, “Lorekeeper! You owe us!” I wince before willing myself up from my large library room into my collection, I glance around and will myself up one more time into my rune room. Magical tomes hover around the room as well as one large, enchanted, one in the middle of three rings of magic that glow softly. I move my hand and tomes and papers fly around before runes start glowing mid-air and I move to my large tome and close my eyes. I feel my magic start to activate fully.

                As my body starts to glow gold my barrier on the first-floor falters and unbeknownst to me the two men pursuing me enter my sanctum and start to make their way up to me. As the magic starts to envelop the room moving out to the tree, it starts to hum loudly. I raise my arms to finish the spell and I hear an angry, “Traitor!” just before another shot rings out and I feel the pain rip through me and I shout out, but it’s too late, the spell is interrupted. A small ball of fire appears above my magic tome before everything goes deadly silent and I am blasted back against the wall. I see the surprised men disintegrate as the magic implodes the room. I wince in pain before the entire room explodes and I am thrown to my collection floor with a sonic boom.

My ears are ringing, and my vision is hazy as I watch papers, books, and priceless artifacts burn and turn to ash, my magic tome somewhat protected by the spells I put on it. I try to stay awake, but the pain in my body causes me to lay my head back, somewhat lolling it. As my vision clears, a couple of minutes later, I see the top of my tree scorched and my fourth floor completely gone except the floating artifacts, but worst of all, I see a black tendril approaching me, my body is still in shock, so I can’t move, and I just watch it approach me. It slithers towards me in the air and moves to touch me, but my blue amulet around my neck glows bright and a light barrier appears around me causing the tendril to quickly retreat out of the large hole in my tree now.

I force my body to move, holding my side where the bullet hit, and I will myself down to the first-floor where I stumble out of my tree, the entrance completely exposed now. I watch the tendril retreat into the dark void beneath me, and I look at it in fear before I force what’s left of my magic to create a barrier between my house and the void and I look at the devastation this move had caused. A huge crater surrounds my tree and I look at it in disappointment. I gasp in pain and collapse to my knees, holding my bleeding wound, the movements causing the cauterization to weaken, and my white robes are slowly turning red.

               I take a deep haggard breath before I lean back against my tree, holding my side tight, “Okay, Lorekeeper…where are you now…?”

Table of contents:

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