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Rest in Peace - first chapter
Shastasnow | Published 215 days ago

It is a cold breeze that wakes me. It is wet and muddy where I lay. Slowly I begin to move and I make my way out of the pond and up to the edge. When I loop up I find myself looking into the eyes of an eight-year-old boy. His mouth is open and he drops the stick in his hands. Ever so slowly I reach out to the boy and I grab him by the arm with my bone thin hand. My hands and finger are stiff from the cold; actually, most of my joints are locked up from the cold. My fingers snap and crack as I tighten them around the squirming boy. His blue eyes look into my red ones. Soon the boy is still and he is calm. Slowly I bring his small hand to my dry lips and I give him a gentle kiss. The boy is calm. My magic does its trick making me frown. His body begins to shrivel and turn gray. Drool seeps from his mouth and his eyes grow distant. Then they become colorless and lifeless. He collapses to his knees and lets out one last breath.

A woman in the distance screams and pulls out her phone, her hands shake as she does so, and it is not just because it is cold. I can sense her fear. I stand up slowly and begin to approach her. Slowly I move past the boy and a small gust of wind destroys his ashy body. The mother pulls out something from her purse. It happens to be a gun and she shoots at me many times. All the bullets hit their mark except one. I touch my chest, as I feel no pain. The woman curses many times as she tries to reload the gun. She calls me by many things. I know what I amI am Death! I say this with a raspy and soft voice. I gently grab the cursing woman. She jumps at first at the realization of how close I am to her but she soon relaxes. I press my lips to hers and she disintegrates into my hands. The wind blows the ash off of me. I lick the lipstick on my lips and I dont mind the plastic taste. Slowly I gain better movement in my legs and I am able to walk better. At a more normal pace, I make my way to the road. My feet snap when I make my way over the hard surface. For some time, I walk down the road. I step onto a snake and I manage to crush its head beneath my feet with ease. Its body quickly turns to ash and the ash sticks to my damp feet.

As I continue down the road a car with bright flashing lights pulls up to me. A police officer steps out and he walks over to me. I look at him blankly as he turns on the radio that is attached to his uniform. He looks me up and down and then gives out my description to the other person on the radio. I have here a young woman in a ripped up black dress. She is soaked, dirty and bone thin. She matches the description. Excuse me, maam. I need a name and a drivers license, ID? I look at him blankly for a while. He writes something in his notebook and he gives me very little attention. I am Death. He nods his head then proceeds to write something in his notebook. Maam I need you to come with me. I am going to take you to the station for some questioning and possibly some drug testing. I grab his wrist and he tries to resist me but my grip is too strong for him. Maam I need you to let go or I will write an assault charge. I ignore him and he soon calms down. Slowly I stand onto my toes and I press my lips to his. Gently I pull away and I notice that I have transferred lipstick onto him. Soon the man shrivels and turns gray. He mumbles something and he falls into me. Once he makes contact his body disintegrates. Ash covers me but the wind blows it off.


I pick up something off the ground and it happens to be a set of keys. I take them and I get into the cop car. It takes me a bit to figure it all out but soon I get the car going. The lights and siren continue to go and I ignore it. I drive for over a mile and a car in front of me pulls over to the side. I pull over behind him and I stop the car then I get out. The person in the car is cussing and fails to notice me as they fiddle around in the glove box for something. The person turns to me and I grab him quickly then I bring him into me. He blushes and I ignore it as I press my lips to his. His body shrivels and turns gray. The ash from his destroyed body flies into my face but I ignore it and I make my way back to the cop car. I repeat my pattern for some time and each time I am successful with my kills. I notice there are cop cars behind me when I make my way to a busier road. They are slowly approaching me and they yell for me to pull over and stop. I ignore them and I continue to drive. They try to shoot at my wheels and I speed up to a dangerously high speed for the car. The chase causes all kinds of chaos. I see a busy road of people casually walking and I head down it as such an incredible speed. I roll over as many people as I can until I crash into a building.

It turns out the building is a hospital. Glass is everywhere and I notice that my body took quite a beating in the crash but I manage to stumble my way out of the cop car with no problems. I reset my bones and they snap when they do. I feel no pain. As I recover I make my way further into the building and I find out that I love the energy here. All the negative energy is just what I need. Many people hide and some try to confront me. A roughed up man walks up to me. He looks to be a part of some gang, from the tattoos that cover his muscular body. Who the hell are you? He gives me a few dirty words and calls me a few things. I ignore it as I grab him. The man soon relaxes and you know what happens next. Some of the people are smart enough to escape but most are unable to. I sure have claimed many lives here and it is very satisfying. Slowly I bring a finger up and I trace my ash-covered lips. I am coated with ash from all of their bodies. I have never felt better.

Casually I make my way outside and the first detail I notice is the helicopter, maybe it is because it is above me. There are many police cars and cops. They say stuff but the helicopter is too loud for me to hear them but I know what they are saying. The police have their guns pointing at me and they are ready to shoot at any second. They yell out FIRE! I look around for the fire and I am only greeted with bullets. Many miss me and many hit me dead on. I decide to add to their drama and I collapse to my knees, but I dont fall completely.

The cops stop their useless attempts to kill me. I am Death. How could they possibly kill me? Idiots. A smirk appears on my lips as a police officer approaches me. He is slow and he looks very scared. Then another approaches me slowly. I notice that they have a different kind of gun. They shoot at me and I soon realize that they are tranquilizers. I dont feel their effects but I pretend. I fall forward and I let them grab me. I let them take me and carry me into their bombproof van. The cops that are cuffing me up, notice that I am wide awake. A young cop is the first to speak. I know you are awake. If you think you can get away with all the killings, you are dead wrong. I stick my tongue out at him as a response much to his irritation. Then I roll over quickly and I kiss his ankle. He shrieks but soon he calms down as death slowly takes him. He fights it but eventually, he turns to dust. Another cop quickly sends out a report and then attempts to restrain me better and I let him.

It is a long drive and not much happens. I whistle for a bit much to the annoyance of the officers. Eventually, on of them tapes my mouth shut and I let him. They curse and say all kinds of things about me as if they know me. Some of them call me a monster and some call me more offensive names. I try to ignore it but I find it very challenging, this time. Thinking fast I kick the officer that said such an offensive name for me. He laughs and he works to strap me down better. Then his hand slips and he touches me. Soon he relaxes and passes out into my lap. He breathes his last and turns to ash much to my joy. The other cops yell and scream at me until they eventually tire. I dont let them get to me and I ignore them.

After a while the van stops and the doors open, I dont get much time to look at my surroundings as I am ushered into a strange building. It looks like a jail. There are many people outside and there are a bunch of reporters. They all ask me questions that they know answers to. Also, I cannot respond due to the tape. I use my powers to disintegrate the annoying material. Some of the reports are dumb and they reach out to touch me despite the cops trying to keep them away from me. All who touch me will die. I am Death. It is true. The people that touched me soon die and turn to ash. People look at me in horror and they fear my powers. I grin at their fear and I relish in it. I receive slander, boos, hate, stuff thrown at me, and all kinds of other wonderful things. My powers only grow and my energy grows. Not even an Angel could kill me now, not with all this wonderful negative energy. I have so much bad energy that my aura grows darker and darker. The police usher me into a strange room. It is small and very bright. Looks like they want to do some experimenting. The more hate the better. The more they try to find out about me the less they will know.

They place me into a room, leaving me to myself. I sit there for hours and I am positive they are trying to figure out what to do with me.

Table of contents:

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Amazingly written
Updated 173 Days ago
Thank you.^^ If only this place did not turn into such a ghost town.
Updated 191 Days ago
This deserves so many more reads! Stunning.
Updated 201 Days ago

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