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Best tips to learn - first chapter
lisabraden | Published 72 days ago

Here are some tips for not letting everything get cumulative and hopeless on the eve of the evaluations. Lets get to know some preparation tips for college exams!

1. Time is king.

The first tip has to do with your own anticipation. Effective planning like proposed here at for me is the best way to make everything on time.

A study routine that starts the night before the exam most likely will not have positive results, as content will not be absorbed and there will simply be no time to approach all topics in the discipline.

Make a detailed schedule, with the dates marked for each event. Prioritize the evaluations of the disciplines that involve the most difficulty, balancing hours and days dedicated to each subject.

Take advantage of the time available and review past reviews as well.

2. Dedication to the method.

The routine of studies with good results is always linked to the method. By method, it is understood the way in which the student approaches the content that needs to read, to fix and to exercise. Some work better with reading aloud, for example. Others are more visual and learn from flow charts, diagrams, and diagrams with arrows or other spatial distribution.

The first step is to identify which method works best for you. From then on, the secret lies in having total dedication to the chosen way. After all, the team that is winning does not move.

3. Space and circumstances.

Among the many details that make the difference when it comes to studying for college exams, pay special attention to the space in which you stand and in the context of your routine.

An adequate space has favorable illumination, an arrangement that allows ergonomics and prevents bad positioning, silence and other series of characteristics. Likewise, their schedules, feeding and scheduling of pauses have weight in the effectiveness of the method.

4. All in the same boat.

Do not forget your colleagues! The benefits of group study are many, such as solving doubts and exchanging knowledge and experience. Likewise, college veterans can be another great source of help. Many of them already know the teachers and their ways of evaluating, offering valuable opinion and suggestion when it comes to taking the tests.

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