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My Little Chicken Little - first chapter
gxfan537 | Published 233 days ago

It was a bright and sunny day in the land of Equestria, and everypony was out and about enjoying the peaceful day in the town called Ponyville. Suddenly, the bell from the bell tower started ringing loudly. The one who was pulling the rope was a little pegasai colt named Scooteroll. He looked out the bell tower as he said "Run for your lives! Everypony, run for cover! SOS! Mayday! Mayday! Code Red! Duck and cover! You´re all in danger!" Everypony then ran around as they began to panic, and Scooteroll said "Run for cover! Run for your lives!" As the fire carriage rolled out of the firehouse, Scooteroll said "Emergency! Emergency!" The fire carriage, narrowly dodged a passing carriage, and the ladder slipped out. The pony driving the yellow carriage ducked, and the ladder on the fire ripped the roof of the carriage clean off. The pony screamed as she crashed into a fire hydrant, causing it to fly into the water tower. It leaned down, and the top of it fell off. It rolled down the street as the ponies screamed, and ran for their lives. Two ponies stopped in front of a brickwall, and they ducked as the top of the water tower crashed through it as they said "Look out! Take cover!"

Inside a movie theater, some ponies watching a movie when the top of the water tower crashed through the movie screen as they dodged it, and ran for their lives. The top of the water tower crashed through the entrance to the movie, and went up the tree that acted like a ramp. It bounced on three carriages, and it crashed into a statue of the Ponyville mayor named Mayor Mare as she and the other ponies dodged it. "Run for cover!" Scooteroll said as the fire carriage pulled up to the Town Hall. The pony firefighter coughed from the dust, looked up at Scooteroll, and said "Scooteroll! What is it?! What´s going on?!" "The sky is falling!" Scooteroll said. "The sky is falling!" An earth pony named Big Daddy McColt popped out, and said "The sky is falling?!" "Are you crazy?" A unicorn named Fancy pants asked. Scooteroll got down from the bell tower, and said "No, no, no! It´s true! Come with me!" As they followed Scooteroll, his father named Shining Armor got worried, and said "No. Son? What?" They went over the old oak tree as Scooteroll said "It happened under the old oak tree! I´m not making this up." He looked around for the piece of the sky that hir him on the head as he said "I know it´s here! There´s a piece of the sky somewhere...somehwere on the ground here." He pointed at the stop sign, and said "It was shaped like that!"

"It looks like a stop sign?" Fancy Pants asked. "Yes!" Scooteroll said. "Only it doesn´t say stop, and it´s blue, and it has a cloud on it. And it hit me on the head!" Just then, an acorn fell from the oak tree, and it hit him on the head as he became dizzy, and said "It look like a stop sign." "Wait!" Big Daddy McColt said pointing at the acorn. "What´s that?!" Shining Armor picked the acorn up with his magic as he said "Son, is this what hit you?" "What?" Scooteroll said. "No, dad! It was definitely a piece of the sky!" Shining Armor rolled his eyes as he said "Piece of the sky." He looked at the other ponies as he said "It´s ok, everypony!" "Dad, no!" Scooteroll said. "There´s been like a little mistake!" Shining Armor said. It´s just an acorn that hit my son." "No! Dad, no!" Scooteroll said. "Quiet, son." Shining Armor said sharply. "This is embarrassing enough already." Just then, the pony news reporters pointed at their microphones as they said "Scooteroll! What were you thinking? Why put your town´s safety in jeopardy?! How could you mistake a stop sign for an acorn?!" "But it-!" Scooteroll tried to say, but he started to not make any sense. "A big acorn level fluh." "What did he say?" One of the pony reporters asked. "A big acorn level fluh." Scooteroll said. "It was a big acorn?" Another pony reporter asked. "It was an ape throwing coleslaw?" Another pony reporter asked. "A big acorn level fluh." Scooteroll said. "Gesundheit!" Another pony reporter said.

Shining Armor hoofpalmed himself as an earth pony news reporter named Dr. Whooves went on the news camera, and said "Mares and gentlecolts, it´s just gibberish. Gibberish of an insane pony." Mayor Mare glared at Shining Armor as she said "Aw, come on, Shining Armor! Your colt went and scared us all half to death!" "Well, what can I tell you, folks, my son, you know...foals do crazy stuff." Shining Armor said as they started walking away. "You have colts. It´s-!" "No, dad!" Scooteroll said interrupting his father. "It wasn´t an acorn! It was...It was a piece of the sky. Really, it was. You gotta believe me." But, no pony did, and as a result, Scooteroll became the laughingstock of the entire town.

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