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Powder Wings - first chapter
Shastasnow | Published 247 days ago

Do you think you can get away from me? Your wrong!
Turning back to the man who is chasing me I give him a big grin.
Oh yeah, you think so?
As I jump op to the top of the roof of The Palace of Relay I start to feel confident and stronger than ever. Breaking out of prison sure was nice. No longer shall I be confined and trapped with my own shame. Now I am free and I can feel and do whatever I please. No one can stop me!
The energy keeps me going and climbing to the top. I use my ability to walk on walls to help with balance. This sort of climbing is not hard for me. Tree climbing is much harder due to all the branches. The man chasing me is a very dangerous man. He hates me with an obsessive passion. I dont mind it though; it is flattering in a way that he thinks of me in any way. Most people he sees he sees as trash or as useless. It must be awfully lonely. The mans name is Dr. Final. It is a name I will never forget. The stuff this monster has done to the prisoners is appalling. He was frequently hired as the executioner and his job also required torture and the killing of prisoners. Not sure he is ever going to be right in the head or let alone sane enough to ever have a normal life. I do admire his work but I would rather stay as far away from him as possible.
He chases me in frustration and determination. The bastard would lay his hands on me. When our eyes met for the first time I knew the danger and I knew I had to get out of that filthy prison. When I get to the top I look down and I am very high off the ground. When a deep inhale I splay my wings out. The cool air easily lifts me up off the roof. The chains around my wrists and ankles are heavy but the wind still carries me up and up. I wave goodbye to the angry man down below.
I yell down at him.
Then he suddenly splays out his demonic wings. He soon catches up to me with such tremendous speed. With a laugh, I duck down and away before he can grab me.
I soon sail higher and higher into the sky. The air is slowly getting thinner but I dont mind. It is the cold that gets to me. A light dust of ice coats my wings. It is more beautiful than I would have thought but dang it is cold.
I dont even know how you still have your wings, Angel! I can smell the sin of your from over a mile away. You cannot get away from me. Your death will be by my hands!
I laugh and spin freely into the sky. The ice scatters from my wings and dances in the sky. The bright little crystals glimmer in the moonlight, truly beautiful.
You cannot catch me you disgusting fool and you never will. It is as simple as that. I may have been imprisoned so long that the stench of sin maybe on me but I do not mind. I am not a pure Angel, far from it. My wings shall never go away or be tainted by the likes of you. It is a curse I bare, to be forced to look like this, forever.
In fact, I am a Devil. A long time ago, I use to have demonic wings just like Dr. Final. A witch cursed me to forever be an image of an Angel until the day I die. With this new look, it sure caused me quite a bit of trouble with both the Angel world and the Devil world. There is no place for me anymore. It is the pain the witch wanted for me. I deserved it; I caused her great pain when I killed her child. It was not on purpose though. I was hunting a Unicorn in a forest and I accidentally hit the boy. He was hunting the same unicorn. It was truly an accident that I will never forget. Sometimes I wonder what would have happened if I missed him or if he lived. What if we were hunting different unicorns and our paths never crossed? Well, all I can ask is what if. Fate sure does funny things.
As I fly up, Dr. Final flies after me too. I find myself getting closer and closer to the moon.
It is truly a glorious night Doctor.
He looks ballistic at this point. His anger and fear of me escaping his claws, is spread across his reddened face.
I am going to clip your wings and RIP your GUTS OUT!
It is an interesting ideabut that would not be very fun. With a joyous smile that I am forced to wear despite my true fear, I look down at him. I feel my toes curl in fear as he zooms closer. However, I feel my strength return the closer I move to the moon. Thinking fast, I create a portal and fly into it. The doctor is left behind as I move into the new world. It is a mystery and I have no idea where I am headed.
Finally, I am out of the reach of the mad doctor. Thank goodness. Now maybe I can rest. I curl up into the grass and close my eyes.

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