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Secrets - first chapter
_CreativeShrimp_ | Published 299 days ago


It was Friday. I started coughing. I thought I was sick. But, no apparently. I asked my mother to see if she could figure out the issue. "Sweetie.. Let´s go to the doctor now!" So, we climbed into our car, and went to the Miami Villager Hospital. Nurses rushed me in into a medical room. Why though? One second, I was talking to my best friend Charlotte and Jeffrey. Then, I am coughing and being rushed into a medical emergency room! I fell asleep all of a sudden. When I woke up, I saw the nurse and my mother arguing. My ears were awake, and I could sadly hear everything. "No! Please, god no!" My mother exclaimed. "I am sorry. I can´t solve this type of illness.. It is possible for it to go away permanently, although for your daughter the chances are not high." They kept arguing, and I heard what I never heard before. My mother, crying. What is going on? I fell asleep suddenly again. When  I woke up, I was in bed. At home. I felt my mom smoothing my head, and pushing my hair back. Last time she did that, I was sick and at the age of 8. My mother was still sobbing, and a bit more louder then at the hospital. "Sweetie.. I love and I hope you know this forever..." I didn´t know what was going on. The nurse said I had a illness. And.. Permanent? "What´s going on mom?" I asked. My mom thought I was still sleeping, so she was frightend from my voice. "Pumpkin..." She slowly said. I am 15 I thought. Don´t call me pumpkin; but in this case, I let it slide. "I am so furious, and I can´t solve it but.. Sweetie, you, you-" My mom was sobbing more. I kept listening, and I rubbed her knee to make it better. But it didn´t. "You, you have cancer sweetie. The doctors told me when you 2 years old, and when you survived all the way to 15, I felt sad but proud on your living." I shut my eyes. Please be a nightmare, please be a nightmare... It wasn´t. My mom´s hands were wet from rubbing all her tears. I admit; I started sobbing too. And I swear, you have never heard any tearing more louder before. After 5 seconds of crying, I burst out. My mom seemed devastated. Oh god. Why? Cancer?! But how? I don´t smoke.. Nor does my mother or father. All of my family was basically healthy. My mom and dad do fitness programs. "Why, mother?" I asked with tears dripping down to my cold, cancer knee. "The doctor said this is very rare; there was a 1.5% you would get cancer. Our family is so healthy, and secure. Last time me and your father got sick, was 1 year ago. Not counting winter, of course!" She tried to smile. That smile never came out though. And if it did, boy it would have been the fakest smile ever. It would make me a bit better about my cancer! okay; it wouldn´t.

Table of contents:

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nice story
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