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Violetta_GalaxyWolf_Cat | Published 28 days ago

Mariam woke up, turning over in her mat covered in scruffy blankets. Her light hazel-brown hair fell into her face.

She had just had the best dream, that she was someone else.

She had been a girl that had a family that actually loved her.

Keith ran into her "room," if thats what you would call it. It was more of a large closet, Mariam thought.


"Shut up!" Mariam cried, pushing her pillow over her head.

"Im telling Daddy," Keith said. "You cant say shut up, and you cant use your powers to stop me!" He strode out of the room.

"Youre so stupid, Keith! ALL OF YOU ARE STUPID!"

"MARIAM!" Her father screeched. "HOW DARE YOU! NO BREAKFAST FOR YOU! ACTUALLY, NO LUNCH EITHER.... Until you finish your math work!"

"I HATE YOU, I HATE YOU ALL!" Mariam yelled at the top of her lungs. "AND I DONT NEED MATH WORK, IM SMARTER THAN YOU!" A red light flashed from her hand and she heard the screech that she knew was Keiths; she had hurt him. She smiled slightly.

Almost satisfied that Keith had payed for what he had done to her, she jumped out of bed and opened her clothing drawer. She grabbed a suitcase and hiking backpack out of the corner of her room and started packing clothing. When she finished, she packed her small pillow, sleeping bag, and blankets.

Then Mariam sat on her bed and waited. She blinked, and her eyes went out of focus and she stared through the wall, downstairs into the kitchen. 

About five minutes later, Mariam slipped softly down the stairs with her backpack and raided her familys cabinets. She grabbed some cans of soup, some vegetables, some fruits, some steak, ham, and turkey, cheese, water, and some other food, too. She quickly shoved it into her backpack and raced back upstairs.

She paused at the door to Keiths room. She turned and put her hand on the lock; there was a click as it locked.

She half skipped back into her room and looked into her small mirror. Her curly hazel hair glowed in the morning sunlight. Her blue-green eyes glittered with a small new happiness. Her freckles, which no one else in her family had, were for once what she thought looked perfect. She smiled, and her teeth that needed braces but never got them seemed less ugly to her than they used to. She packed her mirror into her bag.

"Oi, Benjamin," Mariam said to her father. "Goodbye."

And with that, she grabbed her suitcase, pulled her backpack onto her shoulders, and walked out the door without a backward glance.

Table of contents:

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