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Percy Jackson theme essay - first chapter
DaughterofDemeter | Published 151 days ago

 Percy Jackson Friendship Theme

Zoe Wall

     Why did you take the knife for me?Percy asked Because you would have done the same for me, Annabeth replied. In the Percy Jackson series, by Rick Riordan, there is many problems that occur, the only way they got solved was because of all the Demigods helped each other, they were all friends. Seven half-bloods shall answer the call that is the beginning of the prophecy they all follow. Those seven half-bloods all became friends, they were once enemies. Now they work together and save the world from evil.

At one point in the book The Mark of Athena, book 3. Some evil spirits took over Jason Grace and Percy Jackson. They started to duel each other, and with Percys dad being Poisiadian and Jasons dad being Jupiter it was a hard fight to win. Piper Mclean daughter of Aphrodite was with them at the time when all of the other Demigods were out and about doing other demigod things, she used the power of her charmspeak( very strong voice and people actually listen to it) to stop them from killing each other. It didnt work out at first but she kept up trying to save her boyfriend, Jason, and her friend, Percy. At the end of the duel, Jason was knocked out cold. Percy started to stir and awake. He started towards Jason to finish him of, Blackjack, Percys pegasus, came over and knocked him out. Piper saved the boys, may have gave them a concussion, but she still got them to stop killing each other. Piper did that because she cared for them, and she didnt know it then, but without them the world would still being overcome with monsters.

Another part in the book Blood of Olympus, book 5. Leo Valdez is a son of Hephaestus, the god of blacksmiths. To storm or fire the world must fall that part of the prophecy Leo new would be for him. Gaea, mother earth, was destroying Camp Half-Blood. Her source of power is the ground, Leo lifted her off the ground with his mechanical dragon Festus and kept on burning her so she didnt become solid form. Octavian, son of the roman Apollo. Killed himself by launching himself towards Gaea to destroy Leo, Jason, and Piper. He ended up killing himself, Piper and Jason got knocked out, they were saved. Leo crashed somewhere, and died. He did that for his friends, for the camp, and for Camp-Jupiter and Camp-Half-Blood to stop fighting and became friends also. Leo was told he was the seventh wheel, that he wouldnt find a place among the others, but he did his best, and he died doing so. That was the end of the book. You may be thinking, why would Rick Riordan make the end of the book someone dying? Leo survived.  There was this potion that they all went around to search for that could make him live. Leo tricked Piper into thinking that he gave her the potion. Leo kept it and Festus put a needle in Leos arm and Leo lived. Now you may be thinking that, Leo was so sweet to save his friends. He was, he always felt the need to help them, but he didnt know how.

The end of the book brought tears to my eyes. Percy Jackson books always have people helping each other and being friends. The quote in the beginning of the essay was when Annabeth dove to take a knife from somebody who was fighting Percy. Friends are always there for you know matter what happens and what the problem is. Nico Di Angelo, son of Hades, never really had friends until he went on his quest to bring a greek statue back to Camp Half-Bloods. He got friends along the way to help him.  Your friends will be there for you no matter what happens.

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