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Devil May Cry X Reader Inserts - first chapter
χṡhαḋøώṡhÿχ | Published 32 days ago

I don´t usually do this with my reader inserts books, but now I just might have to due to some reason that will be listed in the rules. -Sighs softly.- Plus I want to avoid confusion or anything like that, so please let me put down some rules and what you can request.


1). Please don´t request Smut, I´m no where comfortable writing it for some reason. Again, please don´t request Smut.

2). Don´t request Canon X Oc, I´ll be saving Canon X Oc for another book that I´ll be posting anytime soon.

3). You may request anything like Boy X Boy or Girl X Girl, however to those who don´t like it, please don´t read it if you´re against Boy X Boy and Girl X Girl.

4). No Incest Request for my sake! If no one knows what incest is, it´s a taboo between family members that are having a romantic feelings towards one and another.

That´s all the rules that I have for the moment, if I still have rules that I miss will be added to the list.

Now for Requests

When you request something, please make sure what the reader is to the character. Let´s say the reader is Dante´s niece and Vergil´s daughter, Dante took her in when her mother disappeared out of the blue.


Dante X Teen Niece! Reader

Also for the Boy X Boy or Girl X Girl request:


Trish X Shy! Female Demon! Reader


Dante X Singer! Male Human! Reader

I´ll do:

Devil May Cry

Devil May Cry 2

Devil May Cry 3

Devil May Cry 4

Devil May Cry: Animated Series

DmC (The Reboot)

Table of contents:

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