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El Reno - first chapter
Pink | Published 259 days ago

Chapter 1 - The Beginning of a Journey

Lucas stared out the window of his aunts Ford Focus. It had been a rather dull week, as all that he´d done is sit in an orphanage for 3 days and drive in a car for a day. His parents were in a fatal accident involving a train and their car getting stuck on train tracks. Lucas didn´t want to think about it. He may not have been close to his parents, or even liked them in the slightest. They were abusive and terrible parents. But they were still his parents. His aunt and uncle always hated the way his parents treated him, which is why his aunt was relieved to find out that she was going to be taking care of them for the time being. Nevertheless, she was still very upset about her sister´s death. Lucas´s sister Josie was resting in the seat next to him. Lucas was 14 and Josie was 10. The only thing keeping the truck from being dead silent was the pitter patter of the rain on the roof and the windows.

"I hope you two are doing alright back there." Aunt Rosemary managed to say through a choked and depressed voice. "We´re almost there."

"I´m okay." Lucas replied. He looked at Josie, who was still a lifeless sleeping body. 

"We´re both okay."

He looked down at his half eaten tuna sandwich in disgust. It looked old. It looked gross. He picked it up, rolled down the window and chucked it outside.

"Please don´t open the window during the rain. It ruins the seats."

"Sorry, Aunt Rosemary."

Josie slowly rose from her slumber. 

"Awake then, sleepyhead?" Aunt Rosemary called.

"I think so." Josie replied.

Lucas let out a deep sigh. 

"What´s wrong, Lukie? We´ll be there in exactly 1 hour and 8 minutes."

He hated being called Lukie, but was in no mood to argue.


He laid his head down onto his pillow and stared outside the window again. It was his turn to be the sleepyhead of the car. He dozed off, and before he knew it, Aunt Rosemary was shaking his shoulder.

"Wake up bubba, we´re here!"

He sat up and put his shoes on. He grabbed his blanket and pillow and got out of the truck. Josie was already waiting patiently at the door. Aunt Rosemary locked the doors and went up to the door as Lucas followed. He was not excited for what was coming.

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