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Sin Not a Lie - first chapter
Shastasnow | Published 294 days ago

I am not cursed to say nothing but lies. Whatever I say is not a lie, or is not heard as a lie. Most people seem me as the most honest person they have ever met. It makes easy to tell what my intentions are. Unfortunately, I do not mean well and I do not do my very best to help the people around me. My life is far from hard and maybe it would be if I were not a bad person at heart.

I have been working at a small company called Rock Mine. It does not sell rocks, gems, or diamonds, or drugs. I have not been working here long. There are many coworkers and very few clients. I am not sure how we stay in business selling nothing. It seems wired to me. My salary is small and I wish it were smaller. The pressure is not too bad and it does not help that people know that I am so honest. My life is just so simple and I always stick to one way of thinking that should not be too confusing for any looser soul that hates to read. Just do not take me lightly or you will not have fun, your choice. There will be no characters were one will say the all the lies and the other says the truth. Do not enjoy this story!

My name is not Odilla. I just love my name because it does not fit my personality at all.

Odilla: My ticket says that I did not win.

Taylor: I glance over at Odilias lotto ticket and it says winner in big letters. They are hard to miss so I know she is not blind. It says, winner, you know.

Odilla: It says looser in big letters! Can you not read? I am just so sad right now that I could punch you! I glair at Taylor and she glairs back. You are such a girl Taylor.

Taylor: I am a guy Odilla, not a girl! Can you say that I am a guy?

Odilla: I am a guy. I do not get up from my chair and I do not pull out my phone. I do not bother to call the number on the back of the ticket. 

Taylor: I watch in frustration as Odilla as Odilla answers the phone. I quickly snatch the phone from her hands much to her irritation. I answer all the questions for her. She soon looks happy again. After about 30 minutes, I finally am able to hang up. You are homeless my dear Odilla. You would have answered all those questions wrong and confused the snot out of them. You are lucky to have me. So can I have some of the winnings?

Odilla: No Taylor. I would never share with you my worst girlfriend.

Taylor: I laugh at this and I give her a hug. She pushes me away much to my disappointment.

Odilla: Now is a good time. We dont have work now.

Taylor: I look down at my watch and it is indeed the end of our lunch. We got to go. We have a meeting it two minutes. I really hate meetings. We run inside and make our way to the conference room. I am the only one who can translate for Odilla and I am the only one who knows how to read through her lies.

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