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Orange - first chapter
_CreativeShrimp_ | Published 20 days ago

Chapter 1

Not the usual Donald

Hey. my name is Abby. I live in a house with a LOT, and I mean a lot of cats. My dad was always a um... horder. My mom hated that about my dad. But she loved him... Because he was wealthy and cute. I´LL even admit it.. My dad is sort of cute! And I have a brother Donald. He´s always quiet, and reads a lot of books. Donald is spoiled, when it comes to books. My mom is happy Donald likes books. She thinks it´ll make him get a good job, and be as wealthy than dad. Heck, if reading books gets you smarter and wealthier, how come dad doesn´t know his roman numerals, and his star wars logic? I read some books, but not a lot. I don´t get into many books, except comics. They´re AMAZING. They make laugh, and makes me feel better when I´m sick, or sad. I like Star wars, and other comic books, even if they aren´t a series. Donald likes any book. He´s weird, but I love him for it. The thing is, he wasn´t weird today. He wasn´t reading a book. He wasn´t quiet. He was yelling something, and I think some of the words were, "You all need to read some books. They make your life not hell" "DONALD LOUIS! YOU MAY NOT SAY "hell" AT HOME. "Fine, ill go outside. Even better" He said. I was shocked. Donald? Saying that word? That´s like saying vomiting is not disgusting. Donald went outside. Heck, I could hear him screaming. But that´s okay. He´s going to be late for work. I´m not. Starts at 9:15. I got my shirt and pants, and I headed to the grocery store. And I could see Donald, screaming his lungs out. Yesh, I thought that boy couldn´t get any weirder. 17, you´d think he´d be responsible, and not even 1% weird. I pray sometimes. I pray.

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