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The Darkness Within Casa Bonita - first chapter
gxfan537 | Published 262 days ago

It was a bright and sunny day in South Park, Colorado, and Jake, Allen, Casey, and Michael Xaiver were sitting on the living room couch while watching Sherlock on TV. Suddenly, there was a knock on the door. "Who could that be?" Allen asked. Jake got up from the couch, and said "I´ll get it." He opened the door to see the mailman who said "Are you Jake Xaiver?" "Yes, sir." Jake said. The mailman handed him an envelope as he said "A letter for you." "Thank you." Jake said as the mailman left, and he closed the door. He then looked down at the envelope, and flipped it to see a familiar green question mark on the back. He looked at the brothers, and said "Hey, guys. We got a letter from Mysterion." "Really? What does it say?"" Michael asked. Jake then opened the envelope, and opened the letter as he said "It says-."


I need your and The Knights of Symphony´s help. A group of vampire kids have taken my sister, Karen, and brought her to Casa Bonita. We have to save her, and I can´t do this without you, and your brothers. Get on the DLC bus, and come over now. I´ll be waiting for you.


After Jake finished reading the later, Casey said "Vampires?! Are you kidding me?! Vampires are my kryptonite!" "We know that, but Mysterion needs our help to save his sister." Jake said. "And we are going to give him that help. He is a Freedom Pal like us, after all." "This looks like a job for Maestro and The Knights of Symphony!" Allen said. "Indeed it is." Jake said. He looked at their mother, Susan who was washing the dishes as he said "Hey, mom, can we go play with our friends, please?" "Sure thing, pumpkins." Susan said. "Just be careful out there." "We will." Jake said. "Later, mom!" Michael said as he and his brothers went out the door. Once they were out the door, they spun around, and turned into their alter egos. They then went to the DLC bus station, and waited for the bus to arrive. Ten minutes later, the bus had arrived at the station. Maestro and The Knights of Symphony got on the bus, and it took off to the other bus station at Casa Bonita.

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