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Blue Zenith - first chapter
kozumiiku | Published 25 days ago

How long have i been here for? 200, maybe 300 years? My limbs are so terribly numb.. I feel like theyre not even there. All I can see are tiny bubbles, like glittering jewels, rising in front of me, around me.

I cant move, no matter how hard I try. Im trapped, crystallized. Frozen forever like a clay sculpture; Just so I can be looked at for the enjoyment of those damned demons. I wish I could claw at the glass infront of me, but without hands, how can I? they were ripped off to reveal the zircon underneath my skin and to be used for the demons selfish needs.

I often hear them speak about humans. Ive been here for so long that Ive managed to pick up some of the story of them. According to the demons, They existed a few eons ago, on another planet called Earth. They say its much different to Luster. There were trees and lakes and plants but there well also tall structures like buildings and towers. It was like they took Luster and upgraded it.

Ever since theyd gone extinct, my type had starting to materialize. We are gems, forming from the remnants of their decayed bodies, born to be fighters. Unless youre a demon. The demons are who we shun. They track us down and break our limbs off till were nothing but a useless torso. Then, they experiment on us to their hearts content. No one knows how the demons came here.

I want to break free from this cage-like tube. Im fed up of these bubbles rising and bursting. I want to escape and finally be a free gem.

author´s note:

this book is loosely based on the anime houseki no kuni. i like the idea of ´gem people´ so i wanted to put my own twist on it. c:

the cover art of this book is by jarann pan/jarannimo , its being used without permission so if the artist asks it to be removed it will be.

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