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Run or Fight - first chapter
Shastasnow | Published 307 days ago



With a grin, I make my way upstairs. I sneak past the house cleaner and I slip through the slightly opened door. I can smell the rose candle my mother is burning. It is quite strong but a nice smell. Quietly I roll under my mothers bed and plan my surprise attack. First, I need to quiet my adrenaline. It is hard to keep my breath steady. Honestly, I am not sure why I am nervous but I feel a dark chill run through my being. Just as I am about to run out, I notice that the candle blows out and it makes me freeze. Something is not normal I can feel it. All I want to do right now is hide.


I look to the location of where the darkness is coming from. A man in all back enters the room; he even has a black tie. A smoky aura is around him and looks like real smoke. He scares me enough to stay put. My mom looks scared too and I want to go to her. She is a busy woman so it is common for people to visit her but this is not a planned visit. The man then pulls something out and he reveals a large knife. I cannot just stand here and watch. There has to be something I can do to protect her!


I craw out and I push the man. He is strong though and he does not budge. Let go you little brat! Unless you want to die first! The man slashes me across the face with the knife and I scream in pain. I hold my bleeding face in pain. It burns and bleeds making me panic. Then my mother steps in front of me. Let him go! You are after me not him! The man laughs. Your right! Then he stabs my mother directly in the head. She falls to the ground. MOM! I craw to her and I tremble in fear. My hands are too scared to pull the knife that is sticking in her cloudy green eyes. I do not know what to do as I watch her body seizes beside me. I hear air escaping her and it sounds like a quiet scream. MOM! Mom! Nervously I touch her and it suddenly stops shaking. Drool and tears roll down her face along with blood from the stab wound. Her body goes limp and her tongue pushes out of her mouth. I shiver at the situation that just unfolded in front of me. Watching her die is something I wish I could un-see. I should have fought back! This is my fault. Sorrow runs through me first, then anger. I get up and I glare a murderous glare at the lunatic who killed my mother.


Fear runs through me and I cannot move when I look into his glowing golden eyes. He pats me on the head. Then he leans down and pulls the knife from my mothers head. Well, I better take this. I do not want any evidence. Now, have a good rest of your day you pathetic child. With that said he makes his way out leaving me still frozen. Why did I just let him walk away? Why did I do nothing? Why did I not fight! These questions plague me to this day.




Back in the day, I did not know about the true motives of my mother that led to her inevitable death. After all, I was just an oblivious child. Apparently, my mother was a head honcho of a devious organization that ran on the greed of others for their benefit. Her company was destroying lives and even the landscape with their invention of the machine called the Chopper. It would destroy whatever was in its path with an obvious chopping motion. Not a pleasant invention and my mother was the inventor. The man who killed her was a good man until my mother took everything he held dear away from him. He turned twisted and after he killed my mother, he went home and killed himself. Apparently, the darkness possessed him. It is what I chase now and I work to make rights to my mothers wrongs. Everything she ever hurt I work to restore the best that I can. Some cases are just hopeless and they often make me depressed thinking of the terrible things my mother had done. Most people hate me because of my mother but some are happy to see that I am trying, but that populations is small.

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