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Realm of Shadows - first chapter
Curtis the Sorcerer | Published 981 days ago



It was a dark and mysterious fortress. Not one you would find in the center of a city. Not like anyone would see it. After all, it was underground. 

I still remember the day I went inside. But when I thought that I found that pot of gold at the end of the rainbow, I figured out that it was a trap. I couldnt help but realize how stupid I was for being too careless. 

My main goal was to hack into their main power grid. I was so close too! Just when I got the chance to take control of their system, one of their guards was passing by. He saw me immediately and then tranquilized me. They threw me into a cell like I was a piece of trash being sent to the dump. 

Luckily, I managed to escape from their prison cell in a short amount of time. Once I noticed that there werent any guards around, I made a run for it. I remembered it like it was yesterday. It was April 6th, 2027. 

I was only 15 at the time......

Table of contents:

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Angel Summoner
woah, this is good.
Updated 311 Days ago
I´m really sorry it took 3 days for me to get around to it >.< But here´s your review!
Updated 412 Days ago

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