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The Spare - first chapter
FantasyFreak | Published 101 days ago

(This chapter has a song bc I love musicals so the song lyrics will be in italics and Ariannas actions will be in bold)


Arianna, called Ari by most, was in her bathroom. She had just finished re-dying her hair brown after it started to fade. She heard her father having a conversation with her older brother. The bathroom walls were a little thin.

Why do you let Ari go to a public school and not me?" Adrien asked his father.

"Because she is the spare. You are my star, Adrien." Gabriel, Arianna and Adriens father, replied.

Arianna sighed, she knew he was right. She was told she wasnt pretty enough to be a model, she wasnt good at anything Adrien was good at, and her grades were average.

Arianna Sighed.

Spare, am I really just the spare

Im not part of the town, not born to be queen

Just somebody hopelessly in-between

Arianna looked at all the pictures of Adrien that her father had.

Hes the scholar, athlete, poet

Im the screw-up, dont I know it

But then who could ever compare

Of course, theyre gonna think Im just the spare

Arianna perked up.

Well, I dont care

So Im the extra button on a coat

In case another one comes loose

Arianna left to walk to school.

But if I have to be a button

Why cant I be a button thats of use (oops)

Arianna tripped over the curb

I may lack style and I may lack grace

And once in a while, I fall on my face

But this little button deserves a place in the sky

This button wants to fly

Wait, buttons cant fly, it doesnt make any sense

So Im a rusty horseshoe hanging up

Over somebodys old barn door

And Ill be hanging there forever

Just wishing the horse had one leg more

Arianna looked at the pictures of her brother modeling all over billboards

And maybe I cant be the perfect one

And maybe I err on the side of fun

But horseshoes need a chance to run somewhere

This horseshoe is more than just a spare

Someday Ill find my thing

A thing thats all my own

That thing that makes me part of something

Not just all alone

If only all this feeling I have in my heart

Could mean something to someone, how Id love to play that part

So Im just the second-born sibling

Who most of the town ignores

Like a button, like a horseshoe

Like a girl whos bad at metaphors

Maybe I dont have a magic touch

And maybe I dont have a talent as such

Just this heart with much too much to share

So Ill never be the heir

Arianna accidentally tripped someone.

Im more than just the spare (sorry)

Table of contents:

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