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Jester - first chapter
FantasyFreak | Published 302 days ago

(Based on Henrys age, and when Emma had him, I would say Emma is about 28 years old)


Hannah was eating breakfast with her sister, Mary Margeret. Jester was sixteen years old, and an average student at Storybrooke High. "Did you hear about the girl, Emma I think it is, who is Henrys birth mom?" Mary Margeret asked Hannah.

Hannah gasped. "What?! I need to have a welcome party!" she shouted.

"As long as it isnt here. Your parties make a huge mess." Mary Margeret said.

"Well, let me go to my party cave and get a new folder, I need to know everything about this person," Hannah said. She put her plate in the sink and ran to the basement. Mary Margeret didnt use it, so Hannah used it as her party cave. 

The walls were painted baby blue and pink, she had party decorations everywhere. She had file cabinets with folders for every resident of Storybrooke. Hannah knew their birthdays, favorite foods, favorite party decorations, favorite places, and more.

She grabbed an empty folder, some paper, and a pen. She ran to Grannys Diner. "Youre here for the new girl, I assume," Granny said.

"You read my mind," Hannah said.

"Her room is 63," Granny informed.

Hannah nodded and thanked her. She went upstairs and knocked on door 63. A woman with blonde hair and brown eyes, she looked like she was in her late twenties.

"Who are you?" she asked.

"Im Hannah, and I know that youre Emma. I want to know all about you! I need to throw a welcome party, and when you stay I need to know your birthday, your favorite cakes and foods, your favorite party decorations..." Hannah started.

"Im not staying for long, and I dont need a welcome party." Emma said.

"Oh...okay." Hannah said sadly. She left Grannys Diner, sulking that she wouldnt be able to throw Emma a party. 

"Im gonna throw her a party, whether she likes it or not." Hannah mumbled to herself.

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