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Group C - first chapter
FantasyFreak | Published 103 days ago

Group C, you never heard of them. Thats because they were a secret. WICKED knew that they would be shut down if people knew about Group C. Group C was a group of pre-teens. (10-13) These kids never went into the maze, they were all too scared.

Hannah was the leader, she was the only 14-year-old in the glade. She had to mature fast to lead the other kids. Jake was the second in command. He was sent up after Hannah. Jake was 13-years-old.

Everyone pitched in to do their part. Most of the younger kids got the job as a gardener and most of the older kids got a job as builders. The kids barely injured themselves, and when they did Reagan, the only med-jack, would help care for them. Since kids barely got hurt, Reagan was also the cook. 

The Glade was surprisingly peaceful. All of the buildings were intact and were sturdy, the gardeners were good and harvesting crops, and nobody really picked on one another. But there were still petty arguments. But WICKED should have expected that with a bunch of kids.

The glade had about twenty kids. Unlike Group A and B, the box only sent kids for a year and a half before they stopped. WICKED wasnt that crazy to send 50 kids to live together. Every month they only sent up supplies.

What happens when the kids need to escape...and the only way is through the maze?

Table of contents:

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