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The Magic Forest and the Secrets of the Seasons - first chapter
UniqueGirl | Published 357 days ago


Dear Mom and Dad,

Camp is going great. I made some amazing friends, April is my new bestie. Why dont you write back to me? I am miserable not hearing from you.You know I miss you! Well the activities are fun, and I won first place on Track! Well I know you dont care but I love you! See you soon, maybe. Well time for swim! Have a great summer!

Sincerely, your daughter Autumn Leaf

Autumn sealed her letter shut. not realizing she would never see her parents again. She put it in the mail carrier sighing.

Hey Autumn! April yelled, walking over to stand next to her friend.

Hey April, Autumn sighed glancing at her energetic friend.

Lets go into the woods! April smiled, not waiting for an answer she ran to the other side of the camp, Autumn running after her. The woods is a great place to go when you need to have some fun. They walked for a while, jumping over a stream they appeared at a strange like tree. Autumn gasped at the tree. It was like no other tree she has ever seen. It had all four seasons. Spring with blooming flowers, Fall with colorful leaves, Winter with snow weighing down the branches, and summer with bright green leaves. Put your hand on the tree, April ordered. Autumn walked up slowly and put her palm on the rough bark. She gasped, she had changed into a whole new person. She floated in the air. Princess Autumn, finally we have found the missing season!

Table of contents:

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