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Dead Heart - first chapter
Shastasnow | Published 421 days ago

Warring: Teen and up only please ^^ or if you are mature to handle minor language ~Thank you~

Dead Heart

Ah, this barrette is so cute and look at all the diamonds!  Oh. I just have to have this coin purse, is that pure platinum! I grab as much of the prized gems and gold as I can carry in my bag. The store owner moves to press the button, so I shoot his hand off. He screams and cradles his bloody nub in terror. Then I shoot one of the hostages.

That is one hostage down thanks to your carelessness. Now, where is the money, bozo? The man points to the back with his good hand. My goons go and collect it. They easily hack the lock and collect the loot. Thanks for being accommodating. Now you are no longer needed. I shoot the store owner and I severely injure all the hostages. You all should be lucky that you get to live the day that you saw me, Dead Heart! With a proud laugh, I meander my way out of the store. I create a small fire by the door and I flee with my goons.

As we pile into the van I notice one of my goons has fallen and his loot is scattered everywhere. With an irritated sigh, I rush to his aid and help him round up the precious gems.

Be careful moron! This is your pay remember. Whatever you grab is yours! So dont thank me for helping your sorry ass.

I know, I know Maam but something tripped me!

I look around and then I see a man running towards us.

Get the loot and go! I will meet you at camp!

He looks at the approaching man and he instantly starts running for the man when he realizes whom it is.

Drive, Drive! It is that Hero guy that has been arresting all the villains in the city! GO, GO, GO!

My goon yells this to the driver as he hops into the van. They peel away and I use my powers to distract the incoming Hero. Thousands of balloons appear and they all have unique faces on them. Many of them are just crazy and it makes it all the more fun to torment this stupid hero. I create a large cannon with my magic and I fire a cannonball at him. He ducks and runs towards my direction. Shoot, I led the bastard right to me. The cannon was not supposed to flair like that! I use a rubber mat to shield myself from his barrage of attacks. He tears the blasted thing to shreds!

This guy is a beast; it is no wonder how he was able to arrest so many criminals. He has this passion in his eyes and he looks tremendously angry. I like my Heroes hot and angry. I give him a wink and a hip bump in order to catch him off guard. Then I create a massive water balloon and douse him a good one. It soaks me too but it gives me enough time to hitchhike on the back of a random truck. I wave so long to the confused Hero. It is a real shame too; I was not able to get his name. Then the Hero runs and he runs at an incredible speed that it catches me off guard. He grabs my wrist and soon I am sent flying into the street. Cars dont bother to stop and some roll over me or drive around. My body is crushed under the pressure but I use my strength to pull myself out of the road.

The Hero towers over me then, he proceeds to talk into a watch on his wrist.

Mission, cleared. I have obtained the criminal known as Dead Heart, she is killed the store owner at the jewelry bank.

He waits for a moment then finally a reply.

Be careful Bowe. She is a dangerous one and as slippery as an eel. Not a single Hero has yet to obtain her. If you bring her in you will be the first.

I roll around until the pain subsides then I stand up.

I feel flattered by how challenging I am. The Bowe looks to me and he is soon at attention.

Suspect is back on her feet, I repeat, the suspect is back on her feet. I shall bring her to justice no matter how strong she may be.

I mock him by leaving a double of me behinds as I escape to the top of a nearby building. I watch as he fights the double in slight amusement. Actually, it is quite funny because he does not know yet. Slippery as an eel they say, interesting. I pull out a gun and aim it at the young Hero. Then I fire, my perfect accuracy lands a clean hit to the Heros head. He falls to his knees and eventually onto the ground. People around him scream in horror and I only laugh. My copy even laughs before she disappears into a sea of rats. The rats then devour the body of the hero. Goodbye sweetheart. You really had no clue what you were getting yourself into, did you? What a shame. With an exhausted sigh, I make my way to my base camp.

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