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Assassin - first chapter
Shastasnow | Published 461 days ago

It is a Tuesday, it is snowing, and I am dangling by my feet looking down at a pride of hungry lions. My mouth is covered with a black cloth of sorts so I cannot speak. My hands are tided behind my back. I wiggle against the restraints in a desperate attempt to get free.

“That is not going to work! You killed my father and I will show you no mercy!”

As an assassin, it is my job to kill people and it is also my job not to ever get caught. However, it was my client who exposed me. Apparently, she fell in love with the guy I had to kill and thus she alerted the man’s son about me as revenge. It all got messy and confusing from there…so now I am dangling by my feet above a hungry pride of lions. It is really my fault for not researching into my client more or I may have been prepared for a potential betray of contract.

With my small dagger, I slowly begin to cut the ropes at the same time I am slowly being lowered down into lion’s hungry mouths. How do these people have enough money to buy man-eating lions anyway? Maybe it is best that I don’t know.

Then suddenly one of the lions makes an impressive leap and slashes me in the back. I scream into the cloth that is tightly pressed against my mouth. I was not expecting that. However, despite the pain, I realize that the lion has actually helped me a little. The rope has been cut and my hands are now free.

Quickly I cut myself free and I rip the cloth from my mouth. Then I pull out my hidden gun and I shoot the man who tried to kill me then I flee by swinging over to the roof. There is a layer of ice that makes me slip a little but I catch myself. Then I run off into the winter night.

I make my way through my client’s bay window. The woman looks at me in horror.

“You broke the contract, so you know what this means,” I state this not as a question on purpose. I take out some paperwork and hand it to her. As she reads it with shaky hands I pull out my gun. She quickly looks up to me.

“No don’t!”

I shoot her in her bed and I make my way home.

After treating the wounds on my back I prepare myself for an evening party at my brothers’ house. It proves to be difficult to find a dress that hides the scratch mark so I resort to using a light jacket. It is cold out so I have another excuse to wear it.

As I make my way to the party I notice that I am running a tad late and I try to find a reason for being late. Maybe I was just having a hard time picking out a dress. No, I cannot say that or people may laugh. Maybe I can say that an ambulance drove by and made is so I had to wait longer for the light. No, that is a total lie. I will just say I am sorry. Great, now I am sounding pathetic. Maybe it is best not to say anything. I park and I make my way to the door.

Then a man walks beside me. “Are you late too?” I nod my head and examine him. He is dressed nicely, but he has this goofy scarf around his neck. Then I notice that he is alone and does not have anyone accompanying him. This means he does not have anything he needs to hide under it, or maybe he does.

“It is really not that cold out. Do you really need that bolero?” I look to him in confusion. Is he talking about my jacket? “Oh, but that scarf is really necessary?” The man gives a light laugh and I go to say something else but, the door opens and my attention turns to my brother. “Happy Birthday”, I say this almost in unison to the man next to me. “Oh hello, sister!” He immediately hugs me and I lightly return it. I give a smirk to the man next to me. He smiles in return.

“My name is Sam Levi, who might you be”? I drink my iced tea and I turn my attention to the man who said this. It is the same guy from the front door. “Avril Finch. So, how do you know my brother?"

“It is nice to meet you, Avril. I worked with your brother in a small building project a little while back. We sort of grew to know each other and then he invited me.” With a nod in understanding, I take a seat on a couch. My back is starting to hurt again. As I look at Sam I notice that his scarf has fallen a little. Then I notice what appear to be rope marks around his neck.

“What happened to your neck? It looks like it hurts.” Sam quickly re-adjusts his scarf and sits down with me. “I was going to ask you the same thing about your back.” Quickly I look at my back and I notice there is a little bit of blood on the jacket. “Shoot!” Sam laughs. I get up and I walk to the bathroom to clean myself. It is my fault for not picking a darker jacket. Dam lion. Well, I kind of want to thank it for helping me get free, but I know it just wanted to eat me.

After I clean my jacket I make my way back to the party. Sam walks up to me. “Are you alright? They are about to start serving the cake.” I nod my head. “Thank you, I am fine.” My brother takes his sweet time blowing out the candles and serving the cake. The cake is not all that tasty and it is a little on the rich side. I make my way to my brother and I move past the sea of people that surround him.

“Hello, Peter. Just wanted to say happy birthday, again. I am going to head home soon, just wanted to let you know.” My brother looks to me with a confused look. “Not even a present?” I know I sent him a gift. My brother really likes getting gifts.

Thinking fast I gently push past the group of people that have surrounded us. Then I make my way to the mailbox. I find the box and I quickly grab it. It is from me to him. Soon I return to my bother and I hand him the box.

“Here you go.” He grins his big grin and rips into the box like some kind of a predator.

“No, way! You actually got me the vertical game I have been wanting! How did you know?”

I smile my sly smile. “That is my little secret little brother.” Peter gets up and hugs me. We then say our goodbyes and I make my way out.

As I drive home, it starts to snow and slowly it begins to pick up.The road is very icy and I cautiously drive along. Some drivers are not so cautious and on my way home I have witnessed two accidents. One was caused by someone’s unleashed dog meanders into the road. The dog was killed instantly and the driver crashed into a tree.

Looking at the dogs’ dead body sure gives me an unsettled feeling in my gut. It feels like something is wrong and I should not go home. My feeling is a good one because as I drive by my house I notice a few police officers surrounding it.

With an annoyed sigh, I pull out a remote from my glove box. I press the red button the whole place explodes. The officers that were walking up my stairs were blown backward into my rose bushes.

Table of contents:

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