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The Boy in the City - first chapter
ivor | Published 317 days ago

The Boy in the City, presented by Ivor

     The news came on the other day, over the radio, about the death of a eight year old boy at the hands of his mothers boy friend.  Murder and Torture,  The boy, Gabriel Fernandez was beaten mercilessly. 

      In my opinion, the Death penalty would be too easy. This monster deserves worse.  This got me thinking about the first story I ever wrote, "Boy in the City" for my defunct Geocities website, "Ivor Presents"  Back in 1987. 

      It was started as a sketch, a scene and it was as violent as I could make it. I had no idea when I started writing that one page, that it would grow and expand with the other added chapters, and that somewhere in the middle of my sketches, it would start to make sense, and stop being just about gratuitous violence for violences sake. A story emerged about a murdered nine year old boy named Gabriel. 

     In my story he was abducted and murdered by a sadistic serial killer.. Gabriel is given an amazing chance to avenge his murder, in the afterlife, and take down the sinners living happily in a Hell that looks like our world. The story concludes when he confronts his killer.  

      Warning;  X rated; Explicit violence porn. The entire book is violent, gross, gory indecent, subversive, salacious and fetish driven at first,  It is not meant for sensitive or younger readers,  Younger readers should skip this one and try my tamer stories, I just finished the exciting, "Sobes Gift". read that instead. 

 You have been warned.  

Prologue (just added, the original story presentation started on the next page)

      The road was a journey. It started in darkness violence and anger, A dawn of destruction. Hate and Rage, Pain surpressed and expressed, 

      Behold, The path ahead twists and turns, at last reaching understanding. wisdom, and justice. What starts out as a gore fest, a perplexing mystery,:  A tour through the valley of the shadow of death, blossoms with the light of revelation..  Follow the road.


Dedicated to Gabriel Fernandez and all the abused tortured and murdered innocents. 

Table of contents:

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Buckle your safety belts, rough reading ahead.
Updated 317 Days ago

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