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Bloody Moon - first chapter
K | Published 1484 days ago

My parents died, no food, no shelter. All I have to keep company are wild animals in alleys who mostly try to kill me. I steal food and eat out of trash cans to survive. My clothes are all worn out and now I have to walk bare-footed since I had to give them away my to vicious dogs who are looking for something to eat. Now I run around the streets looking for anything to eat. How did I become this way? Well, few years ago, my father lived as an assassin. He killed anyone who tried to hurt him in any way, even if they are starring at him. My mother, was a poor lady who wanted to find true love. Youd probably think she must be a nice woman. Well, you thought wrong, she was cruel to anyone stealing the money from passersby. Shed go to jail every now and then. Then when my father spotted her, he fell in love with her! It was love at first sight. Then now, they had me and treated me cruelly for something I did wrong. I never wanted a family like this. Then someone came and assassinated  my parents. I didnt miss them very much. But I sure wanted a roof to sleep under. Now I live as an orphan walking in the streets, begging for food and money. All I have of my parents is my fathers dagger with a gold blade and a black handle. He never used It, for he thought it was too valuable.

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Aidensaur! RAWR
Is that a Pic of Ayano from Kaze No Stigma?
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