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How Cryo Therapy Heals sports Injuries - first chapter
cyroaus | Published 498 days ago

Athletes are always pulling a muscle or overstretching a tendon or two. If they are professionals that can put them out of business for a while, so a rapid recovery is crucial. It doesnt matter how the injury happens- Cryo therapy can shorten the healing time and reduce the pain almost immediately.

When there is excessive muscle use, the lactic acid builds up in the tissues and causes pain and swelling due to inflammation. Cold has long been the treatment of choice. Even today, when you have a broken bone, the first thing they do is apply ice to reduce the circulation.

Whole body Ice baths are another favourite of doctors, but not the patients. It takes a relatively long time in a freezing cold, wet bath to reduce the pain at all. CryoTherapy is dry and takes only 2 to 3 minutes of exposure to drop the bodys temperature down sufficiently. Cold lowers the lactic acid level in muscles, and the inflammation of the joints decreases. Post-treatment, the nutrient-enriched blood returns to the muscles and joints to begin the rapid healing process.

Balance and coordination are also improved with whole body cryo therapy. The blood flow post-therapy increases the data sent to the brain for nerves as well as muscles. This allows a better communication and coordination with the inner ear, our bodies balance bar. While this has not been a target of this therapy, several athletes have remarked about the improvement they have experienced in balance, strength, and coordination.

The benefits of cryo therapy dont stop with pain control- the boost of energy allows customers to exceed their standard sports performance. The results are aninstant and many returns to their activity immediately.

Additionally, this cold therapy increases strength, improves circulation and joint function, and decreases fatigue. If the goal is to play or train harder, feel better and heal faster cryotherapy parramatta is a great solution.



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