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The Delivery For the King - first chapter
Shastasnow | Published 298 days ago

Boy with the Box by shastasnow

Lion Boy

Walking through the edge of the forest, you clutch your bag tightly. Maybe taking this path wasnt the best idea. You realize you have no idea where you are.

Suddenly something taps against your bag. With a jump turn around.

A boy who is half lion walks up to you. He looks small and frail. In his clawed hands, you see a glowing box. The boy looks to you and says, "This here is a box, it is an important box. I have brought it this far but I cannot continue. Will you Shasta, please take this to the King?" You have no clue why the boy knows your name or what is even inside the box. 
"Quick take it."

 It is a box, twined with the finest painted wood you have ever seen. The box feels cool in your hands as you take it.

"What...?" You start but the lion boy puts a finger to his lips.

"Our fate depends on you. Please, take this to the King with care"

You open your mouth to ask who the King is, but when you look up the boy is gone. Suddenly the path is clear again, and you can see an opening in the thick trees and shrubs.

Now the question is:
What do you do?

 Open it or ready yourself for a journey?

Table of contents:

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I did :D
Updated 291 Days ago
did u draw that :o
Updated 292 Days ago
did u draw that :o
Updated 292 Days ago
Thank you!! I am happy like it.
Updated 298 Days ago
Oh so cool you drew him :0 wow!!! Great start to a story
Updated 298 Days ago

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