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Lost - first chapter
Magical dreamer | Published 419 days ago

I was lost. I had been wandering the cold, dark, gloomy streets alone all day. It was only dark because it was a cold winters day. It was only three oclock in the afternoon but as I say, It is winter. I am just a fifteen-year-old girl but I am lost. It started on Friday night when mum and dad were having a huge argument but it was such a horrid argument so I stormed out and I just kept walking and walking until I ended up here, lost in the middle of nowhere. I saw a wooden bench with somebodys name on. "Julian Hallows" was printed on the wooden bench in black lettering. I decided to sit on it as my legs and knees were hurting from the endless walking. I took my book out of my bag and began to read it. I didnt take much with me when I stormed out. Just my favourite book though I had read it fourty-seven times to be precise. I didnt think Id end up lost like this. I thought Id end up back at home later on safe and sound but no things didnt go that way Im afraid. I ended up lost and alone. I began to think about the awful argument and my eyes filled with tears but I knew I musnt cry. I like to be the brave, courageous but cold sort of a person who never cries. I began to read chapter seven of my favourite book when somebody walks by. It was a boy who looked slightly younger than me. He was wearing a blue hoodie and he had the hood up. You could see a bit of his honey blonde hair on his small forehead and his pale blue eyes with their curious, shiney black pupils wondering everywhere. He grabbed my hand and put a sweet in my palm. "You look sad." He said and looked at me and frowned a little. "Im fine actually" I replied. "What is your name?" He asked me in curiousity. "Linda. What about you?" I asked him. "Oh my name is Julian. Julian Hallows." He answered. I looked into his pale blue eyes with a shocked look on my face. "But... B-but.. Your name is on the bench I am sat on right now!!!!" I said shocked and stunned. "Yep." He said. "Ill explain it all later." He replied and sat on the bench, "His bench" beside me.

Table of contents:

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Magical dreamer
A credit to Predator and Evil for helping with the cover. Evil made it using photoshop
Updated 418 Days ago
Julian Henton
thanks! lol using me well its not me but shhh hah
Updated 419 Days ago
This is great!. I like thing length of it.
Updated 419 Days ago
Magical dreamer
a random story im bored. May continue it may not. Who knows.. Tribute to Julian Henton! Included your name for being a great friend xD
Updated 419 Days ago

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