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Best friends tear apart - first chapter
Julian Henton | Published 397 days ago

James was looking forward to the first day back at school since before the summer holidays. He was kind of sad that they were over as they were great and he made a lot of memories but at least he would be with his best friend, Norman at school too. James remembered one day of the six weeks holidays in particular. It was the day him, his uncle Sam and his sister, Sarah went to the park in Newtown but it wasn´t just any ordinary day.. It was a great day!

~The day~

Trevor the busdriver took them in his bus and it was a lovely day and the sun was shining down. It wasn´t blazing hot though, it didn´t make you sweat lots. It was just warm but there was a lovely breeze alongside it. It was just so fabulous. When they got into the park and went through the black, ivy-tangled park gates, they got an icecream each from the van. James got his favourite flavour, strawberry, Sarah got vanilla and Sam got banana. They ate their icecream happily, whilst they got most of it around their mouths all the same. They then headed towards the park where they were swings and slides and many other great park equipment. James was amazed at this moment in time. He saw his best friend Norman playing on the monkey bars. He saw his red hair and his mischevious grin and a shine in his mischevious but funny green eyes. He saw Norman´s mother, Dylis sat on the bench reading a newspaper. "Norman!" James shouted and ran up to him. "Hey James!" Norman said and gave James a big high five. "Come on, Sarah! Come and join us!" Sarah walked up to the boys shyly and watched them climb. "Come on don´t be a scaredy-cat!" said James teasing. "Yeah! Don´t be one of those!" Norman added cheekily. "It´s ok when you are scared of things James like speed and going fast!" Sarah shot back. Norman looked at James, James looked at Sarah and Sarah looked at Norman and James and they all burst out laughing. It wasn´t a true argument, just a silly kiddie argument. "Lets go on the swings! I bet I´ll beat you there!" Sarah suggested but also being a bit competitive and they all ran towards the swings. Norman looked near the entrance to the play park. "Hey there is Mandy!" Norman said. Mandy Flood was coming into the park with her mum, Helen and her dad, Mike. "MANDYYYY" Norman shouted at the top of his lungs. Sarah covered her ears and James did and he laughed. "Heya!!!!" Mandy shouted and came running up. She gave Norman a high-five, James a cuddle and she gave Sarah a huge squeeze. "Hows it going?!" she said in excitement. "I´m okay! I saw Norman here and now we´ve seen you, how great!" James said smiling. "Hey lets race to that tree over there!" Mandy shouted and they all ran. The adults meanwhile were talking. Dylis was talking about her shop, Sam was talking about gardening and about different types of fire extinguishers, Mike was talking about his workshop and Helen wad talking about her career as a nurse. They seemed busy and chatting. The children were still racing. They all got to the tree. Norman got there first however but so did Mandy, they drew. Norman , being competitive, dived at the tree and hit and fell on the ground. "Ouch!" he said. "I´m still the winner!" He said and raised his arm in pride. "No, Norman that was a draw! That means we both won!" Mandy said angrily. "Well I´m still the winner, I´m the best!" Norman shouted. "How about we race back and I´ll prove I´m the best, that will show you, Mandy!" Norman said putting his head up high. "Ha! Bring it on!" Mandy said and they both ran. Sarah ran behind them and James looked at them shocked. "Wait for mee!" he shouted and ran but fell and twisted his ankle. "Ouchhhhhhhhhh! " He shouted loudly. Sarah came running up and helped James to stand up. he fell back down on the grass. "I can´t really stand yet.." he said and then Norman and Mandy came running behind. "I´ll get my mum!" Mandy said and went to get her mum, nurse Helen Flood. Sarah gave James a sweet to comfort him. Helen then came running up carrying green first aid box . "Health and safety first! You can never go out without first aid!" she said and she sat on the grass besides James and looked at his ankle. "Thats a bit swollen, you´ve twisted it. It will be okay, I´ll put a bandage on it." Said Nurse Helen and she got a little bandage from her first aid box and wrapped it around James´s ankle. "There you go, all done!" she said. "Thanks!" James said ." I feel much better now!" he added. Everybody smiled. "How about we go to a cafe and get something to eat. I don´t know about you but I´m starvingg." Sam said and everybody agreed. "The cafe in the park is great!" Norman said. "They do lovely roast dinners." Dylis added and they all headed off to the cafe. Mandy gave James a piggy-back there as he couldn´t walk much because of his swollen ankle. When they arrived, they found a large eight-seater table and sat down. Sam ordered the food and the adults put money towards it. He ordered the kids a kiddies pizza meal which comes with a pepperoni pizza, chips, a fruit juice drink and a lollipop. He ordered the adults an adults roastie meal which comes with a roast chicken dinner, a small slice of chocolate gateau cake and a coffee. While they waited for their meals, the adults talked about various things nd the kids played "would you rather". "Would you rather be stranded at sea or on top of a crumbling mountain.. WITH a sheep." Norman asked. "Er I don´t know..." James said. "You have to answer!" Norman said a bit bossily. "It is a difficult one though, Norman." Sarah added. "Not for me it´s not! I´d rather be stuck on a crumbling mountain as I´d just climg down, It´s nothing for me, I´m a great climber." Mandy said smiling with pride. "Are not!" said Norman getting rather jealous. "Am so!" said Mandy and she stuck her tongue out at Norman. "Haha! Kids..." Sam said and the adults all laughed even the children started giggling. "Here are your meals!" said a small blonde-haired waiter and she gave the adults their roastie meals. Then a black waiter with long black hair came. "Enjoy kiddies! You better not complain about the cooking.. Joking!" she laughed and gave the children their meals. All the kids started to laugh happily and they ate their meals. "I can eat this pizza faster than you!" Norman said grinning. "No way!" Mandy said. James put his head down and shook it. "Not again..." he muttered to himself but then smiled slightly knowing Norman and Mandy´s ways. Norman gobbled his pizza down quickly and Mandy did too. But then Norman started to cough and choke, his eyes watered. "Norman!! What have I told you about eating like that! It your food properly! You are not a pig!" Dylis said and glared at her son. "Get a drink, Norman." Sam saif kindly and Norman took big gulp of his kiddies flavoured water drink. He smiled as he had stopped choking. Mandy giggled knowing her friends ways. By this time, everybody hd finished their meal. "Can we go and see the animals now?" James asked. "Yes.. they are cute.. hehe." Sarah added. "Well it´s okay but Helen don´t go to close as you are allergic to fur. " Sam said. "Okay! At least the kids will enjoy it!" Helen said, beaming. They all cleared the table and headed towards the animal area. Norman ran up to it first as he saw some sheep. "Hey I wonder if they have captured Woolly and put him here.. Oooh I hope he´s okay, I haven´t seen him for a couple of days.. " He said thinking about his sheep-friend, Woolly who he met by trying to climb Pontypandy mountain which is a long story. "Don´t be silly Norman! Woolly will be in the fields in Pontypandy resting." Dylis said. "Yeah don´t be silly Norman!" Mandy laughed. Norman growled at her. "You are a treasure! Dylis said and went to hug Norman but he escaped. "Arggh get off mam!" He said annoyed and embarassed. Everybody laughed. They fed the animals and saw many different kinds. Sheep, chickens, cows, meerkats, ostriches. They also saw different birds, Peacocks, parrots, sparrows and many more. After this they headed back home after a long but exciting, extraordinary and special day.

James dreamed about this day which he thought was one of the best days in the summer holidays and he got his stuff ready for a long day at school.

~I´ll update when I get chance! Enjoy.

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Julian Henton
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