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You’ll Miss Me - first chapter
Shastasnow | Published 588 days ago

I was never the best son or best student, or best at anything. I am just about adequate and good enough to scrape by. At least I don’t let people down, by now they know what to expect from me. Now I am 16 years old and I looking through a magazine with girls in bikinis. Yeah, mom took the good stuff from me because Jody told on, me. I don’t know what the hell she was doing in my closet but she always goes through my stuff. That brat.


My day goes as normal. I have lots of work to do at school but dang I sure have so much work to do at the old folks home too. My job is mostly with food and I have to serve and clean up. It is hard to see these people drooling and eating this gross stuff every day. Then their families never show up and sometimes on their birthdays they mistake me as a family member. I just go along with it. I try to see the positive in life but it can be hard in this place. Good thing I have yet to see anyone die. I am told when they do but I never have to witness it.


Today is a different day and make my way door to door delivering food to the residents. I make my way to Henry Moor’s room, I knock first and then I make my way in with his food. He gets a chicken soup and cornbread, no ice cream. Honestly, I feel ice cream makes the meal and it gives me an excuse to grab a delicious scoop for myself. “Good evening Henry Moor. I have your dinner. Where do you want me to put it? In the ice box again?” I make my way to his small little fridge, all the residents get this sized fridge, and it is common. Henry does not say anything and so I closed the door then I turn to his chair. He is not in his chair like normal so I take a look around. He is normally in here at this time. “Henry Moor? Are you okay?” I notice that the bathroom light is on and the door is slightly opened. The fan is on.


I knock on the door but I receive no answer. “Henry Moor?” I slowly open the door and I find the man lying on his stomach with his pants down by his ankles. He has no underwear on. All I see is a butt and I cover my mouth in disgust. I give him a gentle kick but he does not respond. Good gosh, he is dead, I think. I should get a nurse to make sure. Quickly I peel my eyes away and I make my way down the hall but there is someone standing there. Then I notice that the man is Henry Moor! What the hell? I look back at the body and back to the old man in front of me. “Are you a ghost?” He looks to me in shock. “You can see me? Oh, thank goodness! Please, you must help me! I don’t know what I am doing here.”


It takes me a bit to figure out what is going on. This must be Henry Moor’s ghost. “If I help you, is there something for me in the end? I am supposed to be working right now and this is not my job.” Okay, maybe I am being a little selfish but I really cannot afford getting fired. “I really don’t remember if I have anything of worth. Honestly, I don’t even know why I am here.” He could be playing me. I begin to look through his things. Most of his stuff looks cheap so I don’t think he has anything of real worth here. “You know what, I need to get a nurse and tell them about your body then I can see if I can help you but for now, you are just a ghost.”


The old man looks to me in confusion and he looks panicked. With a shrug, I make my way to the nurse’s station. I wait around for a bit, eventually, a nurse notices me. “Hey, I went to give Henry Moor his food but I notice he was on the floor. I think he is dead.” The nurse gasps. “Okay, we got this covered. Thank you, for letting me know.”  I make my way back to work and I finish early then I make my way home.


Then I notice that Henry Moor is standing in my way. “Hey, why don’t you just scram already? There is no way I can help you. I am just a normal teen who has a pile of homework to do. There is no room for you in my busy schedule. You can see me tomorrow; at 3:40, I have a break then.” I move through the old man and I get closer to home.


Then something happens a portal of sorts opens in front of me. It is red and it glows. Interesting. Then a girl walks out. She looks like a ten-year-old. She is just so small and her copper blonde hair is so long it touches the ground. Her red eyes glare at me with a murderous look. She has a huge shard blade in her left hand. She has two sets of horns on her head that are just crazy long and she also has a long black tail that I did not notice at first. Her skin is ghostly white but she has interesting paint markings over her form. Her outfit is just a scrap of cloth. I am not positive if she has anything under it. Great, I am peeping and I cannot stop trying to look. There is something about her that is tempting and terrifying at the same time.


She suddenly slashes Henry Moor into bits and his ghost screams in pain until he is unable to. I watch in horror. “If you are not going to help it, I will destroy it!” Her voice is raspy as if she has smoked a pack of cigarettes and I feel terrified by her. Then she makes her way back into the portal and all is over in just a minute. Henry Moor is no more and for some reason, I feel it is my fault. I could have done something but I just stood there. A sinking feeling of depression runs through me and I slink on home. If I had a tail it would be between my legs right now.


I make my way home and I notice that my family is eating without me. They look happy and they don’t notice that I am home so I make my way to my room. I set up my homework and then I make my way to the bathroom to cool my face. It looks paler than normal and I feel like I am burning up. Dang it, I cannot be getting sick. I drink some water and then I make my way to my room. Homework takes me about three hours and by the time I am done the family is asleep. I heat up a frozen meal and when it is ready I cannot find it in me to eat it. My stomach turns and the memories of Henry Moor being cut to bits repeat in my head. Eventually, I put the dinner in the fridge and head to bed. What a lousy day.


In the morning I wake up really early because honestly, I did not sleep much. This old man is haunting me still and he is not even here. What can I do to get him out of my mind? I decided to read some comics and I am soon sucked in but I feel empty when I finish it. It was not satisfying and it was only a distraction. The rest of my day goes okay. I got a basic grade on my homework and I am given more. Not much happened at school, nothing interesting enough to get Henry Moor out of my mind.


After school, I make my way to work and the manager walks up to me. “I heard about yesterday. You found a resident dead in their room. Are you okay?” I shrug my shoulders because I don’t feel okay. “Yeah, it was a little shocking to see Henry Moor like that.” The manager looks to me with confusion. The mountain of makeup on her face exaggerates her expression. “Henry Moor? Was that his name? I never heard of him before. Was he a new resident?” I look at her in confusion. She knew Henry Moor better than I did how does she not know who he is? “Henry Moor has been here for ten years, how do you not remember him. He always loved the soup here.” It looks like she is really trying to remember him. How could she forget? “I don’t know this man, I am sorry. Honestly, I don’t remember him but I don’t doubt that he was a resident.”


This is bad; I need to see if there someone remembers him. I make my way to the office and I look through the records. I know I am not allowed to do this but it is important I know. Soon I find his record and I find a phone number of his daughter. I write it down and I make my way to the lounge. Quickly I call the number and I wait impatiently for the lady to pick up. After the second attempt, she eventually picks up.


“Hello, who is it, this is Mary Moor?”


“Hello, my name is Salem from the Hillcrest Retirement home. I am calling on behalf of your father. Sorry for your loss but I would like to know a little more about him. For the records.”


“Sorry, but my father left me before I could know of anything about him. I did not know he died.”


“Really, you signed some papers for him yesterday, did you forget?”


“I do remember visiting but I don’t remember seeing my father. Strange. For some reason, I believe you but my memories of my father are all hazy. I sorry but I don’t think I will be much help.”


“It is okay, thank you anyway. If you don’t mind, we need you to collect his things.”


“Will do, I will drop by tomorrow after work. Thank you for telling me.”


“Your welcome, have a good rest of your day.”




I end the call and I slump into my chair for a bit. How could his own daughter forget him? The documents say they are very close and she was even his emergency contact. Could this be happening because of what happened to his ghost? I hope not. Am I the only one who could possibly miss him? Why me? In frustration, I make my way back to work.


Table of contents:

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