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Magical Me - first chapter
Shastasnow | Published 608 days ago

Today is my first day of magic school. This is a school that teaches you how to live a life of magic. It is very typical and I have seen so many movies on this sort of thing but this is actually happening. My father is actually making me go because he doesnt want me to be normal. I was against it at first but not so much anymore. It is an experience that I am fortunate to be able to have. My mother was a forest witch and she made enough of a name for herself that I am allowed to attend the school.


My father takes me to the front gate of the school. He has tears in his eyes. I am so proud of you! If your mother were here she would say that too. I grin and I give him a big hug then I make my way through the gate. My father was always fascinated by magic and it is why he married my mother. He said he also loved her very much too and I believe him. Unfortunately, she died when I was still very young. She got really sick. I never really learned magic. Now I am going to.


With a grin on my face, I walk up to the front doors and I enter the school. This will be my home now. I will be living here. Slowly I make my way and I soon find myself completely lost. I make my way to a front desk of sorts. A woman looks up to me just for a second and goes back to what she was doing. I dont understand why she is ignoring me. Hi, I want to know where I should go. My name is Mercy Latimer and I would be a first-year student. The woman sighs and she looks at her charts. You will be housed in room 402 and here is your class schedule, Miss. Latimer. I smile to her and I take the schedule. Well, I want to know where my room is so I make way until I find room 402 and I find that is very small. It looks like a tiny hotel room and I mean tiny. I sneeze from the collection of dust in the room. With a smile, I begin to clean because according to my schedule I still have time before orientation.


I quickly get to work and just as I am about done someone steps into my room. I look up and I see a girl looking down at me with disapproval. I notice a few other students are with her. You must be the new girl here, correct? I nod my head slowly and I give them a smile. I decide to get back to work. I gently take the girls foot and I pick it up so I can clean under it, then I do the same with the other. Once I am done I stand up.


My name is Mercy Latimer. What is your name? The girl has an arrogant energy around her and she does not take my hand, granted it is all wet and soapy from cleaning. After a little bit, I put it down. The girl has nice light pink hair and green eyes. Well, I am Miss. Noire Klein and I come from long line of royal magic users. Now, this is a first, I have never seen someone physically cleaning his or her room. It is just I thought you would use magic, like this. Suddenly the room starts moving around and all my stuff gets placed around the room. I duck and I protect my head from my flying objects. Then all is calm and my room is all put together. It is amazing magic for sure. Unfortunately, I am still learning and I cannot use magic at home. By hand works for me. I take my stuffed alligator and I put it on my bed where I would have liked it to be. Oh well, I will just have to reorganize later.


I look to Noire and I feel awkward as I notice the girls behind her are snickering. Ah, so you have never used magic then. Noire starts to laugh and then she does some more magic. This time she does something on me. I look down and I notice that I no longer have my summer dress on. It is not like I am ashamed of my body it is just embarrassing and unexpected. Then suddenly my uniform floats up to me and it attacks me. I scream in horror as the material wraps around me then it forces its way on. When I feel the elastic from my underwear snap against my hip it makes me jump from the shock.


How dare you do that to me"! Noire laughs and flicks my forehead. I hold my forehead until the pain subsides. Ah, what is the damage with this girl? She is so immature! I will give you respect when I no longer have to dress you, my little baby. Everyone laughs but me. I work to control my anger but it is very hard. Well, I guess I will have to show you then, oh wait I have to go to orientation! I quickly grab my stuff and I rush past the sea of girls. Then something strange happens. I find myself unable to move. Noire laughs and she walks up to me. She presses her finger into my lower back and I jump internally at the feeling. It feels like playing a game of tag and someone tags you.


Ah, ah, ah mother says you are not allowed to move yet, baby. We are going to get the best wands first. I clench my teeth at the fact I cannot move and I am under this girls control temporally. You have some nerve to mess with me like this Noire! The girl pats me on the head and all the girls make their way down the hall. I cannot believe they are seriously going to leave me like this! Well, this day is not starting off well. I desperately try to move and my watchs timer rings to let me know that class is starting. Desperately I work to move but I am unable to. I keep trying and trying. Eventually, I am able to regain movement and I make a run for it to class!


I make my way to the grand hall and I notice everyone is looking at me when I enter. They all have wands already! I make my way up to the teacher. I am so sorry I look at my schedule for the name quickly. Mrs. Jody. She looks to me and she looks annoyed with me. I am sorry for being late. I had a hiccup in the hallway. Are there any wands left? Mrs. Jody nods her head and she points to the wall behind her. There are just two wands left. Thankfully they are not all gone. I grab one and it falls apart in my hands. No way! They are crappy! I grab a large wand and it has three random prongs. It seriously looks like a pitchfork. Pick your wand already! You are holding up the class. I nod and I hold out the strange wand. Wow, that thing is so big it could be a staff! Noire laughs at me and I groan in annoyance.


I look at the wand and it feels very sturdy so I am not too disappointed. It is very long and little heavy. I let it hang by my side from getting tired of holding the dang thing up. Alright! For orientation, you shall all give me a test of your magic. This is so I can rank you and place you in the classes that would be best for you". I quickly grow nervous from the idea that I have never used magic before. I make my way to the back and watch as everyone takes his or her turns. Maybe I can piggyback off of someone else. It needs to be something moderately hard but not too challenging. Maybe I will try to conjure something like a flute. I am a great flute player.


Noire is the first one up. Miss. Klein. It is an honor to have you here. I know you are capable of remarkable things but can you please amuse us a little? I scoff at how Noire has the teacher wrapped around her finger. She shows off her skill and I will admit she is very remarkable but dang why does she have to be so annoying about it! She finishes strong and the teacher places her into the gifted class. Other students go and they all perform very well. I have yet to see someone perform poorly and I grow nervous.


Then a boy sits next to me. I am so nervous. Are you? I look to him with a nervous smile. He nods his head in understanding and he mimics my smile. This boys hair is bluish and his eyes are brown. He looks to be my age, I think. My name is Mercy Latimer. What is your name? I hold out my hand and he actually shakes it much to my joy, finally a normal person to talk to. My name is Gavin Leonardo. So, you are a first-year like me? I nod my head. Yes, I am a first-year. It is a pleasure to meet you, Gavin. Also, I am nervous too. II have never actually used magic before. Gavin looks to me in shock and I quickly feel embarrassed because I assumed he was a newbie too. Wow, I think you are actually worse off than me. It kind of helps me feel better. I am sure you do okay though as long as you stick to something simple. I nod my head in agreement.


Gavin then stands up and he makes his way to the teacher. He performs very well and he is put into the Skill class. That is just under the gifted class. He gives me grin and I start to feel excited about giving it a try. There is no one left but me so I have to go up anyway. Miss. Latimer, you are very new I see. Please give it your best. I nod my head and the room is quiet. I glance around the room and I notice they are all looking at me. I feel my nerves rise and my heart beats faster. No, I can do it!


I want to conjure a flute! I take my massive wand and I focus really hard. I see nothing happening but I keep trying and focusing. I feel the power and I can see it. It is immense but I keep focusing on forming a flute. Then I feel something go wrong and the wand trembles in my hand. Suddenly my arm snaps and I watch in horror as I see my own bone stick out of my arm. Then I notice it is not a bone but a flute? I grab it and I pull it from my arm. Dont worry there is no pain. I take the flute and I play it. It has such a perfect sound. Then it breaks apart in my hands. I guess that is it.


The whole room breaks out in laughter even the teacher is laughing. Feeling embarrassed by my weird magic I cover my face. This is not happening, this cannot be happening. I feel tears streaming down my face. In my emotional distress, I throw my wand down onto the ground as hard as I can. Then I slump to the ground. Why is this happening to me? I did what I was supposed to but it just happened in a bizarre way. Why could it not have been normal?


Eventually, the teacher stops laughing and she gets up. I will have to put you into the Inept Class. I am sorry for laughing, but you have to admit that was very funny. The teacher wipes her face and I feel my body shaking in sadness. How could I be inept? I did magic! It was not funny! The teacher nods her head gives me a sweet smile that helps me feel a little better. I notice that Gavin is trying to hold himself from laughing. Maybe it was funny to them but it was not funny for me. With a defeated sigh I pick up my wand and I stand up.

Table of contents:

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This is great! I like the simple idea.
Updated 603 Days ago

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