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Random Strand - first chapter
Shastasnow | Published 618 days ago

Random Strand (Blake/ Criselda)
It was night time, I think and I was driving to the airport with my daughter! Oh, wait! Where is my baby? Where is Allegra? She was in the car with me! Miss. Elliott-linehan shouts to one of the nurses. Honey we have already discussed that she was not found in the car with you. You ran into a car that was parked on the side of the road at a highly dangerous speed. Now you are here. The nurse gives a tired look then the confused woman shakes her head. No! There was someone in that car! I could not see him very well. He did not look like he got hurt. He shot me is the chest and I dont remember anything after that. The frantic woman rubbed her temples slowly trying her best to subdue a splitting headache and to remember what exactly. Ah! My head hurts. She then tries to get up but a few nurses manage to push her back down. Now, now. Please Maam, you need to rest. We will try our best to get your daughter back. You need to relax. A police office reassures her. She calms down and closes her eyes letting rest envelop her.
3:48 am

I am convinced that she is crazy we may need to watch over her from time to time. What is shocking is that she actually believes she had a child or adopted one. The real story happened like this, her boyfriend was abusive and beat her almost to death after work because she did not park her car straight. That is what he told us and now he is in jail. The case is closed now, Miss. Blake Elliott-linehan needs rehabilitation and then she can go home. One of the officers writes this in a form as a comment to the nurses and puts it back into the bin at the patients hospital bed. He then gets curious and continues to read the chart. He reads the injuries and is shocked that this woman is still alive. She has a broken eye socket, a Skull fracture dislocated, a Scalp wounds, concussion, a dislocated pelvis, a broken ankle, a bruised back, 8 crushed ribs, a collapsed left lung, a torn ligaments, all kinds of internal bleeding, and many bruised organs. The cop puts the file onto the bed and leaves the room to go home.
3:50 am

I wake up and look around in fright. No one is here and I am alone. The hospital is quiet and for some reason, I cant sleep. Quickly I crawl over the clipboard and read the file. I gasp at what is there and feel my body for wounds frantically. My chest crunches a little when I press on it and I curl slightly in pain. Oh, that hurts. What happened to me? I keep reading and soon find out I was beaten by my boyfriend. How is that possible because I know for sure that I do not have any boyfriends? I scratch my hair and mess it up a bit. What would be nice right now is a shower. Slowly I make my way to a shower room then try to get my self-moving, but my legs wont move. Feeling stubborn I hit my legs and try to move forward. Then I grow nauseous and try to hold back the urge to puke. Luckily my legs start to move and I manage to take a shower without throwing up. Then I just drip dry and put my hospital robe back on. With a deep sigh, I make my way down the hall and grow nervous from the slightly dark hallways. I look around for a nurse and find the mission most difficult. My head feels like someone has smashed it with a glass bottle. I want some painkillers or something. Then I remember the call button and I hurry back to my room. Quickly I press it a few times and sit down.
4:30 am

A very unmotivated nurse enters the room. She is wearing crocks and a strange winter hat. Her hair is very short making her look more masculine in my opinion. It does not help that she has to wear scrubs. Why did she pick blue scrubs it is such a common color?  What is the matter, Miss. Elliott-linehan? I try to think and remember what I wanted then it comes to me. You can just call me Blake. I am wondering if I could get some pain killers or something for this headache? The nurse nods her head and leaves the room. She comes back and gives me some pills to take. You will need to take these for the next few weeks or so. Tomorrow we will be trying to rehabilitate you so you can go back home. The nurse gives a lame smile and walks around a bit. She yawns making me feel sleepy too. I have one question. She looks up to me. The cart says I was beaten by my boyfriend. I dont have a boyfriend and I have been away from home for over a month. The last detail I remember is getting hit by that car my daughter was with me too. Have the police been able to find her? The nurse rolls her eyes and gives me a you are crazy" look.
4:35 am

You need to calm down and rest. You are sounding delusional. Do you need me to sedate you or are you going to start thinking normally? Look you never had a daughter or adopted one. Now let me get that needle it should help you relax and go to sleep. Freaking about the idea that she does not believe me and that she is threatening to give a shot I decide to make a run for it. I dash down the hall despite the immense pain in my legs and in general my whole body. It surprises me that I can even move right now. With the nurse running behind me I decide not to stop and continue down the long halls. The strange thing is that there are no other patients and most of the other rooms are completely empty. Feeling the adrenalin kick in I run out of the building and keep moving. Strange place to have a hospital in the middle of a desert it does not seem right. Looking back I see a tired breathless nurse and a few police officers running for me. Quickly I run for the parking lot and find a car with a key still inside I smash open the window and start the car. Cops surround me and point their guns towards me. What the hell they are actually going to shoot me? I dont even have a weapon. They are still fairly far away so I push the pedal and duck my head. I floor it and take the road out of this crazy place. My head is throbbing and I can feel my stomach twisting in pain. I shake my head and keep driving to find a real hospital.
5:30 am

By the time I find a town the sun has risen and it is difficult to see anything. The town looks to be a ghost town or a dust bomb hit the place. Then I see someone in the corner of my eye I look into the building and see a woman with blood red hair and a silver mask on her face. He yellow eyes glow intensely and I notice an orange dragon on her shirt. She places her hood over her head and walks to me then gets into the car. Suddenly she grabs me and disappears. Freaking out I decide to keep driving. Then I hear sirens behind me and I see the cops from before. I feel myself shaking and my legs are unable to move. Suddenly I lose control of the car and crash into a building. My head hurts from the impact and I feel something dripping down my face. Ignoring it I crawl out slowly and hide in some of the rubble then my vision goes black.        
6:55 am

I wake up in a dream I think and I am face to face with the woman from before. She is not wearing her mask and she is smiling a very normal genuine smile. Hello, Blake. My Name is Criselda but you can call whatever you like. I am you but a different from. It is my mission help save your daughter. Well, technically my daughter too. We did adopt Allegra and she did get captured. The hospital that you were at is an agency that is harvesting people with extraordinary powers. You have powers will technically I have powers, but same difference. I just need your approval and I will help you out of this situation then save your daughter. It is because of me that you were able to move in the first place. Now can I help you get our daughter back? This is strange and interesting. If this woman can help me I will take it. Sounds like you have yourself a deal Criselda. I just dont understand how you can be me, but I am open for any kind of help. My name is Blake and your name is not even close to the same. Should I call you Blake too? The odd red haired woman smiles and places her mask onto her face. Look if people saw you calling me Blake all they will see is you talking to yourself. You would look crazy. Just trust me this will work and I can help you. I smile and nod my head in approval. Then a bright light surrounds my dream.
10:34 am

Random Cops Point of View:
Digging through the rubble I find a finger. Quickly I dig the finger to find a hand and the more I dig the more I find. I found her! She was hiding under some rubble. I think she is unconscious or something and her head is bleeding quite a bit. Someone who is good with blood can you help. I am not feeling so great. I faint.
11:20 am

Random Cop 2 Point of View:
I run over to Ned and check to see if he is breathing. Luckily yes. Thank goodness. I pick up the unconscious woman and suddenly she wakes up. Her dark brown hair is drenched in red blood I think. She looks to me with a very serious look and then I notice that she is wearing a silver mask. Most of her face is covered and she does look like the woman from before, but there are little differences. Hey, Joe! I dont think this is the same woman from before. It is strange. Do you remember her wearing a mask? The woman suddenly leaps out of my arms and dashes away with such speed. It almost gave me a heart attack. How can she even move at such speed I mean she does not look capable of moving from the lab reports? I run after her and then suddenly she just disappears in front of me like she was some kind of illusion. All that is left is a slight dark mist that fades into the morning sun. Joe! She is gone! Did you just see that or did I drink too much coffee this morning? Joe walks up to me and gives me a skeptical look. We do not mention this to the boss of we will loose our jobs you hear me? I saw that she ran away and that is it. You got me? I nod my head look around for the disappearing woman. Sounds good to me. We should report back hopefully this story does not get us fired too. We probably should come up with a different story like she exploded or something. You know how many of those freaks do that-now-days. Must be something to do with all that radiation and stuff in the air. Joe nods in an agreement and we drive back to the lab to give our report.
11:45 am

Randome Strand by shastasnow
You may or may not remember her from my story Random. : / I never actually finished that story. Maybe one day I will... For the meantime, this is a quick drawing of her.

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Thank you, Random is a good start but I never finished it
Updated 618 Days ago
Oh, I love the picture of her. Very nice. Nice story too. I should probably read random
Updated 618 Days ago

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