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Friendships and Fallouts: Hearts and devils - first chapter
Julian James(quit) | Published 378 days ago

James was walking down the corridoor at school. He bumped into his best friend Norman. "Hey Norman!!" He said happily. "Hi James! Apparantly Mandy has been talking about me to Sarah behind my back, do you know about this?" Norman asked looking straight into James´s eyes making him feel awkward. "Err.. no?" James said even though he heard Mandy say Norman´s name a few times. "liar!" said Norman and he stormed off angrily. James sighed and looked at the cleanly- polished flooring of the corridoor and wondered what he would do now. He decided to try and forget it and walk to class. After all James always tried his best in school nd achieved good grades.

Norman stormed away from James looking back. glaring at him. "James is supposed to bee my best friend, why didn´t he tell meee!!!! I KNOW HE KNOWS BEECAUSE OF THE AWKWARD LOOK HE GAVE ME!" Norman said rather loudly almost shouting whilst grinding his teeth angrily. A girl with brown hair in a neat bun walked by with a small girl with blonde hair down to her bottom. They laughed at Norman and the girl with the bun smirked at him, "You´re a weirdo gingernut!" and they both snootily walked away laughing. "Oh flapjacks!" Norman said with a lisp and growled. He stormed to his English class angrily, with his face like a clap of thunder.

Mandy walked to her English class with Sarah Jones. "Mandyy this and Mandyy that, I´m sick of that Norman Price he gets right on my nerves!" "Umm said Sarah and looked at the floor, she didn´t really want to get involved. "He´s so bossy too! If i don´t do stupid, silly and dangerous things he says I´m not cool! Even though my dad says been cool is doing what you know is right!" "I guess he can bee a bit bossy.. I guess. My dad says that to me and James too!" Sarah was still looking at the floor, biting her lip nervously and awkwardly. "I´m just going to pop to the loo, I´ll see you in class in a few minutes." Sarah said and she walked to the toilets.

Sarah walked into the loo, still looking at the floor and she just sat on the toilet seat. "What should I do?" "Norman and Mandy are both close friends and I don´t want to get involved with their silly arguments and I don´t want to bee on either side, I want to bee friends with them both!"
"It´ll bee so awkward in English class beecause Mandy and Norman are both in that class! Should I say something? Or should I ignore it? I feel so torn right now!" Sarah nervously talked to and questioned herself and she realised she had to go the class. She looked at her bright pink plastic watch, she had one minute to get to class! She ran quickly to her English class which was around the corner.

Table of contents:

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