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Abraham Hicks Workshop (Notes) - first chapter
Shastasnow | Published 540 days ago

Abraham Hicks Workshop

June 17, 2017

When you observe and offer a vibration you get more of the same

Here for the joy of expansion

Youre an ongoing consciousness in a constant state of becoming 

You became a vibrational reality

A reality is not just what is. Improvement comes from desire

The reality of what is will limit you. You cant let what is occupy your focus because it will be the same

What is is the bouncing off place for more

The vibrational reality is the Vortex. You have created this. You get to witness the evolution of these becoming things. 

Step 1. Life causes you to ask. The need mode. When stuck in the needy mode you are preventing it. 

Step 2. Source answers.

Step 3 receiving mode. focus on a place of what can be. Hold this frequency by meditation, appreciation. Focus on feeling good to rise to the equivalency of Source. This is the receiving mode of whats in the Vortex. Then the insights come. But you must be in the receiving mode. Tune your vibration to what is more.

Step 4 mastery of Step 3. When its easy to stay here. You line up with it. 

The idea comes to you and you feel the exhilaration of it. A thought gut that isnt burdened by doubt or disbelief.

Instead of practicing the thoughts of it not coming practice the thoughts of it coming. 

What you want is in its vibrational state. 

Animals are in a much different vibrational reality than we are. 

"Crappy happy journey". Not. Its truly the joy in the journey to manifest the outcome 

The worse you feel the more pinched off you are. 

Your alignment with your inner being is the gateway to who you are. 

Feeling good comes from your relationship with your inner being not from others around you. Its not their responsibility 

Consider the difference between thoughts youre thinking vs thoughts you are receiving. Step 1 is thinking. Step 3 is receiving 

Follow what feels good even when you dont know the outcome. 

Your inner being knows are the pieces. 

Always lead to what feels better

Momentum is so important to this process. 

Catch the negative thinking before it gains momentum. Your sensitivity to stop the negative. 

Ideas are being given to you all day long. You just have to be in the receptive mode. 

Your only goal is to be happy   Its an unlimited goal. 

Nothing to be proved. Only life to be lived. 

You have to be equivalent to your source to be in the receiving mode. 

Tuning into thought forms. What has made you so vulnerable to these thoughts?

Fear is a thought different from your inner being. Your guidance system is in conflict with your thought. Beliefs are just thoughts you continue to think. 

Discipline is thinking about what I dont want to think about. Meditation is deactivation of the thought. 

Every warning is bad advice. Every encouragement is good advice. 

Giving up control is about connecting with your own control. Its a deliberate slowing of the mind. 

Random shoes on the highway.  A sign of needing freedom. A quest for freedom from a place of rebellion. Wanting to let go but not willing to. 

 Become a master at receiving and allowing. Not forcing. 

This is the physical reality. But the satisfaction cannot be in relation to what you are seeing. Finding satisfaction Now is key. The outcome you want is in the Vortex. The question is how ready are you to receive? 

The Game of Satisfaction- talking about all the things that are satisfying. Just find any reason you can find to be satisfied. Then the one thing youre not satisfied with the decrease in vibration. This will increase your minds receptors which then translates to increase the physical receptors in the body for wellness and healing. 

There is nothing you can not be or do or have!! You have to release the resistance of what source is giving you. 

Impatience is not your friend. 

Tingling in the hands:  Summoning more energy than what she can receive

"Im willing". One thought in meditation. 

The control you want is the releasing of resistance 

Be more unconditional based on whats around you. You can always feel better no matter whats around you. Life just starts feeling better. The better you feel, the better it gets. Feel good for no other reason than because it feels good. "Id rather feel good than not feel good."

In meditation, you clear the unreadiness. 

Nobody needs to pray because it is inevitable. The true nature of life is change. 

Your true value is your vibrational currency than the money in the bank. You have more ability to ask and receive more now. This story of sadness will put you in a place to be more of a deliberate creator. 

All that heartache has created something bigger than what youve seen. The old story holds you in a place you dont want to be. 

Only two things. Love and fear. Satisfied or not satisfied. Alignment or nonalignment. 

You cannot shine a light on fearful things. Your focus is too much on the fear. The gap is too big. The frequencies have to line up. 

You can shine love on the general things instead.  You cant have it both ways. 

You cant find anything of love when youre in a state of fear

You cannot shine love on fearful things. 

It isnt the words that matter. Its the emotion and the vibration. 

When youve managed alignment, youre there. When you show yourself you can be satisfied without it, youre there.  

You being here cant help but make the world a better place. 

Clarity comes from knowing what my emotions mean. 

The art of allowing is about not getting hung up on what is not happening the way I think it needs to be. 

The thing that speeds up manifestation is satisfaction. Lack of focus on what has happened!!!  That takes the practice of consciously being aware of each step. Each step is about feeling good. 

This moment of the energy of you and you is all there is. Time to deliberately manage your vibrational mix. 

Just find a reason to feel satisfied and hang in that space. Law of attraction will follow behind. 

Satisfied for what is and eager and knowing more is coming.

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It was cool to go! :D
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Updated 532 Days ago

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