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Which book is deleted - first chapter
Evil Necropolis Wolf | Published 525 days ago

This is just of list of books I might deleted due to some issues that cant be edited out, like codes embedded into the source that became corrupted/data became confused.  

After its deleted it will be re-uploaded.

I was going to delete and re-upload "Koi Fish Dragon" because it was playing the same song twice at the same time. I dont know how I fixed it, I had to reset my browser and went into inspect element and deleted the code; it somehow fixed it and it plays the normally.

Books that are going to be deleted:

Making things out of wire/ making things from wires.   reason: I just forgot about it.

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Evil Necropolis Wolf
I know...I guess they´re trying to be on my good side...
Updated 509 Days ago
a ton of people like Lilly Pop and other accounts linked to her account spam followed your story... :/
Updated 509 Days ago
Evil Necropolis Wolf
It was an error with the music. I was going to re-upload them. It´s just the music code is acting up.
Updated 512 Days ago
Why you deleting i like your books- if you cant keep up with them i could help you if you like ...
Updated 514 Days ago
Evil Necropolis Wolf
Updated 518 Days ago

Updated 518 Days ago

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