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Mars - first chapter
Shastasnow | Published 560 days ago


Yes, I am Mars and I the same low life Devil that would do anything for the “great” Burn, well other than kill myself or go away forever. You know forever is a long time and my life span is very long. Any human other then Shastasnow probably could not tell it all. I only would ever worship Burn and Shasta if I had to. I do not believe in “God” but I am okay with the gamble. What is worse than being a low life Devil other than a foul demon…probably not much? Not sure if “God” would want to hear my complaints and I don’t think anyone would.

Today I am doing a chore for Burn, out of the “kindness” of my heart. If I even have one. Burn told me to follow Lady Venus around until I figure out what her motives are. What her end game is and what she wants with Burn’s kingdoms. How much of a threat could little old Venus be? From what I know about her she is all about looks and all about herself. She is actually more selfish than Burn and that says quite a bit. Burn is of the most selfish Devils out there. However, Burn loves the world and she loves all her creations. She may not like many others but she does carry a list of those she respects. Luckily I am on the list even if I am on the very bottom. Hey, I have her on my tattoo kill list on my back. Though I have never found the time to actually kill Burn. I worship Burn and I also hate her guts. Now back to Venus. Personally, I don’t like her but I don’t want to kill her. I also don’t think she is after Burn. Burn can sure be paranoid. Well, Venus cannot even go out the door without her mirror. It is the most disgusting trait she has. I enter the place and it takes me about half a day to figure it all out and in order to find Venus. I eventually discover that she is spending her time outside in her garden. It makes me sick thinking about it. I walk up to her. Venus’ long blond hair flows gracefully in the breeze as she gazes into her mirror. I gag a little.  Her small manicured hand is lazily holding her shovel. She is not even digging but she is just holding it there. It gets on my nerves because her garden looks amazing. It is nice and no ordinary Devil would keep one unless they are nuts. Venus finally notices me when I put my hand over her mirror. Her sparkling blue eyes narrow when she finally figures out who I am. “Oh, my is it not ugly little Mars. Are you still groveling to that waste of space Burn? Are you here to say I was right and that you are ready to work for me? You finally know that I am the only one to worship? I am in need of a new chore girl so I think I can fit you into my calendar.” She laughs and messes up my purple hair much to my annoyance. “Venus, you are as obnoxious as I remember. Well if you must know I am looking for work because Burn suggested that I get out more.”

Mars by shastasnow


Table of contents:

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